What do I need for LP care

Hi folks--

What cleaning products is very good for cleaning my Albums for maintenance?
A liquid brush system like the old D'3 and 4 fluids? What is i good replacement for that old system, that is what I used in the late 70's--

How about anti-static brush, any good suggestions?

Thanks for your suggestions--
Watch this video -

There are tons of opinions and no end to how crazy people get with it (ok, including me), but if you just want clean records without a lot of fuss, a record cleaning machine is the way to go. After you get the machine, you can try out various multi-step processes if you like. I have found that the extra effort ususally pays off. However, the way the guy does it in the video is just fine for starters. That's it.
On the low end...the Disc Doctor manual system works great if you don't mind the extra time and elbow grease.
On the more expensive and "automatic" side, you have Nitty Gritty, VPI, Loricraft and other brands of machines. I own the VPI 16.5 (new about $550) and it works great but you still need another type of brush, the Disc Doctor, Mofi, etc.