What do I do with my Pioneer DV-09 DVD Player?

I have an old DV-09 DVD Player (paid $1500 back in the day) and have already spent $250 to have the disc mechanism (tray) replaced and it's broken again - not playing DVDs correctly.

I have just bought a $59 Toshiba DVD player with progressive scan and all the right connections (s-Video, etc.). Is the $59 and 4 pound DVD player as good if not better than the $1500 and 25 pound DV-09 or not? I have a super Meridian sound processor as well. The DV-09 has been broken for about 6 months now so I'm not quite sure if the Toshiba picture quality is as good as the old DV-09 because I kind of forget how good the DV-09 quality was.

Can anyone explain the pros and cons of just keeping the Toshiba or paying to get the Pioneer fixed again?

Well, the Pioneer still has a value of $750 so I dont know if that will help you decide if another investment is worth it....but there you have the info.
Hi, I own a Pioneer DV09 and would not trade it for anything. The picture quality is better than anything I have seen out there. It sounds like the repair made on your unit was not done properly. These units are built to really last and are worth repairing and aren't throwaways like 80%of the stuff out there. Hope this helps, goodluck.
Had one of those puppys back in the day, also. ---Used;expect to get $450 if you're lucky.--In reference to picture quality----THAT depends on what display it's hooked up to. Once you have a display that allows progressive input;--expect a 79 dollar player w/ progrssive out-put to trounce it pretty good.(at least in the picture department) For the older CRT projectors this is still a great player cause they all require line doublers and outboard scalers.----
When I sold mine I went to the Panasonic rp91 k and it was more everything in all picture areas.--Heck, even 'that' Panny is way, dated.So now you know where your '09 fits in. BTW; If you're only using an S- cable you just can't access the new technology,anyhow.
Avguygeorge is right on- depends on your display- I have a very good Loewe CRT, and my DV-09 looks fantastic on it.
I also agreed with Avguygeorge on picture quality. A cheap Samsung DVD HD850 using HDMI is a big improvement over the DV-09 on picture quality. Now using the DV-09 as a transport for CD playback is where the DV-09 clearly shines and trounces the Samsung or for that matter any cheap player. No Contest!
I'm curious how you break the tray on this tank? That being said you need to find a competent tech to work on this. This is my second DV-09 I own and I just got it back from servicing because it wasn't tracking as well as I thought it should. Turns out the lube Pioneer used on the transport rails isn't designed for the N.American climate and will dry out over time. Service only required cleaning and relubing those rails with a moly lubricant and the player is like new again. Quality always wins out, and buying one of those flimsy 5 pound underwhelming DVD players is out of the question for me. BTW that service cost me $40 USD.

Being a current owner of a DV-09, I have always loved the picture quality of this machine, and am more than satisfied with the analog and digital audio from this player. There's a lot more to picture quality than feeding a digital video display a digital signal via DVI/HDMI and assuming the picture quality will be better than the analog output on another player (interlaced or progressive), even on a digital display.

I'm using a high def LCD projector (1280X720) and think the color reproduction on this display from the DV-09 via component is still among the best i've seen. Don't get me wrong, I also assumed that any DVD player with DVI output would be a huge improvement over the DV-09, so I went to great lengths to justify spending the same amount of money on a new player that I would probably get from selling the DV-09. Tried a Denon DVD-1910 and could not believe how much better the pioneer looked. Not to mention the obnoxious transport moise from 10 feet away, and sound quality that was lean and sterile. Also tried a Toshiba and Sony in the $250 range with DVI/HDMI outputs. Pretty much the same results. Picture was marginally sharper, but color, motion and sound quality were not in the same league as the 7 year old Pioneer (toshiba was ok). There's been a lot written about DVI/HDMI players being sharper than non-digital players on a digital display, but there is often a loss in color accuracy and saturation with the digital connection.

If the video processor in your display device is better than the one in the DVD player, it's pretty much irrelavent and comes down to sound quality. Send it interlaced component (or S-Vid) and let it do the hard work. Like the others mentioned, if you have an analog display, the DV-09 is hard to beat. In my case, it's likely that the processor is good enough to make the difference between digital and interlaced componednt a non-issue.

There may be budget DVD players that could do everything better than the DV-09, but I haven't seen anything under $500 that makes it a slam dunk, and the sound quality of the pioneer is still very hard to beat.
DV-09's are probably the best thing made by P.E.
lol i still have the matching rcvr (VSX-09TX)
that thing is a 6-ohm, 90-ish wpc beast!