What do I do next to improve sound?

I am new to PC Audio.
I have a brand new desktop 32 GB memory, SSD drives., USB cable - basic printer cable, Essence HDACC 4K, and Audeze LCD-X headphones.
Quboz is the feed.  I do exclusively 24 bit 96k music.
Audio on PC is set for  Wasapi (Exclusive Mode)
How do I improve the sound.  Basically - how far can one go with a simple setup like this and what makes sense.
1. Software on the PC, I am regular Win 10 today?  Application or new drivers?
2. DAC with headphone amp - like Benchmark DAC3.
Thank you.
If you're a headphone guy, then yeah, a DAC with a headphone amp.   I run a major hi-end audio system in my front room and use a laptop running Ubuntu Linux as a digital player into a Peachtree DAC-iT (less than $200 on the used market), but it doesn't have a headphone output.  You could run a line from that to a headphone amp I suppose.

But what you really want is a straight DAC/headphone amp.  The Schittt Fulla will get it done for you at $99 new.
Best to get on the road away from PC sound. In the meantime go foobar2000 and Fidelizer.
A Schiit multibit is as far as you can go with PC SQ.
Just sayin’. I been there. 
I only use my PC for ripping, editing, tagging and making playlists on ext. drives, Qobuz and Tidal so I can sit back and actually listen away (far, far) from the PC.