What do "audiophiles" use to judge equipment?

The hypothesis: "Audiophiles" are mostly techno-cats who listen with their eyes - they read reviews and look at spec sheets... END. That is my opinion and I'd like to hear from music lovers who do NOT look at the specs; who do not get their info from forums like this - where you cannot HEAR the music but you can READ about the music - well, maybe a few of you can read music, right? Are there any others who trust their own ears and go into a music store and BUY something without the psychological hand-holding of a forum or spec sheet?
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Still, I bet $3 k that Keith Herron knows the not  so subtle difference between an Op Amp and a FET
surprised such a trolly proposition tendered by the op has garnered some serious responses here... as for me, no thanks...
The opinions of pretentious bloviating gasbags on websites.

Indeed...Perhaps AGon could initiate *Carousel* when they hit 10000 posts