What do audiophiles do in their cars?

All of you forum members with your killer home systems…what do you listen to in your cars?  Do y’all have custom stereo systems?  Does the quality of the stereo system actually impact your car buying decision?  I have a B&O setup in my 2021 truck, which was an upgrade and sounds decent enough, but nothing compared to a typical HiFi home system.
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The Bose system in our Escalade actually sounds pretty damn descent. Especially on 5.1 dvds. 
I listen to a 64GB usb stick with low rez copies of my cd collection, and FM.

Good enough on my premium stock Subaru Outback system.
There is no sweeter music than a perfectly tuned exhaust.
aewarren -- Or the clatter of the valves & the whine of the gearbox.