What do any of you think???

About Dell's Flat Screen TV's???

I know they have made decent computer monitors for years, but now, they have been introducing a line of flat screen TV's for about the last two years or so. And as I am getting ready to replace my Pioneer Elite DV-37 in early 2005 (and right now, I am looking at either the Denon DVD-1910 or the Denon DVD-2910....... and I am leaning toward the DVD-1910 because I do not need the SACD or DVD-A capabilities of the DVD-2910, as I already have a DVD-2200 with those capabilities hooked up to my audio system. So........ the new DVD-1910 will be a home theater player only), it's only fitting that I finally go ahead and get my an HDTV as well. I like the sex appeal that a plasma provides, but price/lifespan ratio of these beauties leave me a little hot under the collar right now. The idea of paying up $5000.00 to $9000.00 for something that is going to last less than ten years just does not appeal to me.

LCD's are cheaper, but they're relatively expensive as well. And unlike plasmas, they do last longer, and they can be serviced as well. In my latest Dell supplement, they do have a W3000 30" widescreen TV advertised for about $2,100.00 (which features among other things......... Faroudja DCDi technology, and Dual PC/TV functionality. I am seriously thinking about getting the 17" model as well, but that one is going to be used with my PC only).

Both, the W3000 and the W1700 models did get decent reviews in AV Guide Monthly (the abso!ute sound's and the perfect vision's new online monthly), and provide good price-to-performance ratios.

However, the ultimate deal breaker would be whether or not Dell provides the same top notch service for their TV's like they do their computers.

If they do, I may go ahead and take the plunge. If not, then I'll wait another year and get me a Sony or a Toshiba. But the new DVD player will be in place by then.

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You think Dell provides top notch customer service?
Dell computer service is second to none so long as you speak whatever they do on the Indian sub-continent...Lovesmusic

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