What do any of you think??

About this speaker system?? The RCA PRO-LX550 2-Way Speaker System with "Linaeum-Designed" Tweeter Technology?? This speaker system has what was once the highly acclaimed Linaeum Tweeter Technology that was once available on a few "high-end" speaker systems a few years back. The other thing this speaker system has is a woofer/midrange driver that is constructed of same honeycomb woofer design material that I have also found in B&W's affordable, but highly acclaimed DM speaker series. I have listened to these the other day at a local Radio Shack and I am turned on by the wide, but open, airy and spacious sound that these little puppies put out. But more importantly, because of their small size and their very small footprint, they could work in my VERY small bedroom. And at about $150.00 each at retail (but they seem to have a sale on these little puppies every now and then, in which then, they're $75.00 a piece..... which is why if I am considering these speakers, and in which I am, I am going to wait until they go on sale before buying me a set of them), the price seems to be more than reasonable considering what type of sound you are getting for your money. If I wait and get these puppies at 50% off retail, then I could conceivably put together a complete home theater speaker system for about for about $400.00 (which will include four PRO-LX550s plus the matching PRO-C550 center channel), in which after that, I'll hold out and save up for a high quality sub in which to mate them with (I don't care for Radio Shack's subs at all). While I like the technology that is involved in this speaker system as well as the sound it delivers, what I am put off by is the lack of pedegree that this speaker system exhibits (you know, the Radio Shack/RCA nameplate does not inspire confidence in the audiophile community. And I would like to say that I carry the reputation of a tough and jaded audiophile). What do any of you think.

My Home Theater system currently consists of:

Toshiba SD-2700 DVD Player (I also have a Pioneer Elite DV-37, but it is connected to my audio system right now. So I am using it as a CD Player. So then, I needed a DVD Player to replace the Pioneer Elite DV-37 in my home theater system, whereas I my audio and home theater systems are separate systems and are located in separate rooms).



Panasonic CT-27SF37 27-Inch Direct-View Television/Monitor.

Harman/Kardon AVR-210 Dolby-Digital/DTS Audio/Video Receiver.

Sennheiser HD-580 High Performance Headphones.

And the whole shebang is tied together using Monster Cable Video 2 and Video 3 Interconnects and other cables.

Thanks in advance for you input.

Hey, the important thing is to get the HT system together in the first place. If you audition the RS speaker and they satisfy you, what else could you possibly buy for $75.00?

I wouldn't be surprised if the RS beat the expensive Bose system that many unsuspecting "audiophiles" are sucked into. There are many of us that have more in a power cable than you are talking spending on ALL the speakers in this "mini" system!

I must say I am fascinated that this could possibly be quite satisfactory in a small room, and certainly worlds away from the common factory speaker in the TV.

I have often wondered if I could put together this type economy system for my 15 year old son in his area. No doubt a big bang for the buck as planned.

In reference to some people spending more on power cords than I will spend on an entire home theater speaker system??? Well actually, I can relate to that as well. A pair of MITerminator 2 interconnects alone will cost about as much, if not more, than a single RCA/Radio Shack PRO-LX550 speaker system. And my MITerminator 2 speaker cables cost about as much entire RCA/Radio Shack PRO-LX-550/PRO-C550 put together. That is.... until I get a sub to go with them. And right now, I am probably going to pay twice as much for a sub as I will probably pay for the entire RCA/Radio Shack PRO-LX-550/PRO-C550 speaker package (since I plan to wait until both, the PRO-LX550s and the PRO-C550 go on sale). Right now, the sub I am figuring to the forthcomming RCA/Radio Shack PRO-LX550/PRO-C550 package up with, is the REL Q150E. I certainly hope that the REL is not overkill for the RCA/Radio Shack speaker system that I am considering to buy.

I bought a pair of LX-55s (did they change the name to 550? -I'm positive it's the same $150 speaker), and took them back. There are some threads discussing them on Audio Asylum and maybe Deja.com, recommended tweaks like replacing a capacitor in the crossover and stuffing the port with straws, but the bottom line is that the tweeter is wonderful but the woofer sucks. I developed a headache every time I tried to listen to them, not from brightness - they aren't bright, but from a throbbing in the upper bass/lower midrange.

I bought Acoustic Energy Aegis Ones to replace them. No complaints. Also consider the small Paradigms, the Monitor Audio Bronze series and the KEF Crestas.