What Do Amp Guys Think About Bele Canto Evo2's?

I must admit I've never owned a stand alone amp... ouch that hurt, please don't flog me! ;-) However, I've changed gears and will be in the market for both a pre-amp and amp. Because my system has to do double duty as both a two channel music listening station and a home theatre I'm pretty much a solid state kind of guy, although I do appreciate the warm liquid quality of tubes.

In any event, any thoughts on the Bele Canto amps... the professional reviews have been stellar, particularly for their price (around $2,300).

I've had an Evo in my system for about 4 years now and couldn't begin to say enough good about it. It's almost as if the amp isn't even there. I've had tubes and several solid state brands, and I have not heard a better reason to switch.
A great amp for the money. Fast as all get out, detailed, controls 90% of the speakers out there. A good company, easy to communicate with. Some may say it's a little dry, a little less than liquid, but when coupled with Bel Canto's Pre-1 this problem disappears. Great build quality. Can't recommend enough. The only thing I'd suggest is definitely buying used. Save money for an amp that might outlive many an audiophile.
They are amazing amps for the money, all of what was said above is true. I would add that they are much better as bridged monos, or buy a 200.4 and bridge it to stereo. I can't think of a single amp in the world that can compete with these at their price level.
I will agree with the other posts here. I owned an evo 200.2 running on Maggies and it performed very well. Very clean, balanced and detailed. There were times when I thought the amplifier almost too clean and/or neutral but, isn't this what the amp is suppose to do?

On electrostatic speakers I was less enamoured in that the evo sounded very lean and brittle, though still squeaky clean and absolutely no grit. Just a lack of fullness to the sound. But this was not a problem on my Maggies.

As you are aware, the evo2 is suppose to be a improvement on the evo 200.2.

My advice, go for it. And, think about the BC preamp that goes with it (pre-1 or whatever the model is).
Did someone say great build quality....wanna see a pic of the inside of the BC and PSA digital amps....you'll scratch your head a long time trying to figure out what justifies the price tag on these amps, and the skimpy warranty periods. That $2,300 bc has about $300 worth of parts in it, maybe....

FWIW, I found the ps audio digital amp clearly better then the bc offering.
I, too, have read the many praises of the Evo 2. However, several people, including reviewers, have found the midrange to be too recessed, and this has tempered my interest in the amp.