What do $2500 speaker cables sound like?

Sooo curious about this.  I now use cables costing about $200 and 20 yrs old.

dont want to throw out brands, but its well known.

what can someone expect?

Just thinking aloud here but if spending more on cables is sufficient to make a buyer believe their system sounds better,  then the secret of improving our systems is revealed. Wish it were that simple. 

More seriously, invest in some samples from the Cable Co as Ghosthouse says above, and have at it.  Nothing like comparing different cables in your own rig and room to learn how much impact cabling might have for your ears. You'll save money in the long run and give yourself an education.  If so inclined, try some A/B testing with friends too, but don't confuse that with relaxed listening, unless of course your idea of relaxed listening is cable testing. To each their own. 

Malman, it’s not surprising that you are in the zip cord camp, IF your system is setup for listening as it is pictured in your system profile!

This post interests me. I’m kind of middle of the road on the subject, yet I get super tempted to spend more. I have Analysis Plus something or other loudspeaker cables. I cannot even recall the model. Price was likely <$300. I’ve also run and made Canare and Mogami cables. They made me pretty happy too. So curious to what I may be missing. No question, though, and outlay for me of $500 to $1500 makes me cringe. I can afford that but it feels like buying an actual component. ’

I suppose pro cable folks would say, You got it! Treat cables like a component. And that creates my dilemma: Even though I can appreciate that a cable can sound better as you spend more.... If I treat them like a component will I be swapping cables for a few years ’til I figure that out too? I’ve spent a ton of energy and time finding component symmetry, and it took numerous purchases, education, buying/selling, FUN, and at times meaningful frustration. This part of my audiophile journey feels a little out there for me to spend thousands on cables trying to figure out a match.  I cannot be alone!
One more thing--the romantic thinker side of me is impulsively pushing my decision maker to buy some Fidelium cables.   If I got out of this for $1400, AND the upgrade felt like a component upgrade, I would be happy as a clam spending that. 

Looks like I need to try these!