What DIN to RCA Cable (for Naim CD Player) do you guys use?

Just bought my first Naim CD player... a CD3.5. What DIN to RCA cables are the most popular? What sounds the best for the money? What would you guys recommend for my set-up. I used to use DH Labs Air Matrix for my previous cd player. Here is my set-up:

Naim CD3.5  >>>  unk DIN to RCA cable  >>>  Creek 4330SE  >>>  DH Labs Q-10 speaker cable  >>> Vandersteen 2C.  
Chord Company makes a nice selection of DIN to RCA cables.  I would ask a Chord dealer for specifics.  Good Luck!
I use Naim amps instead of Naim sources, so I use an RCA to DIN instead of DIN to RCA. The better Chord cables Signature and higher are good stuff.

Apart from Chord, you can check out Flashback Sales cables. Great sound for not a lot of money.
DH Labs D-750 -   DH has a list of well-known Pro-Audio Recording and Mastering studios using that cable.   I find it to be a very analog sounding cable which allows for easy listening over long periods of time.  The price is good as well.