What digital filter are you using with your NS500?

Im getting a used Sony dvp ns500v SACD player in about a week. There are digital filters to smooth out the sound. Im wondering what filters do you guys use if any? Also what I.C.'s are you using it with?
I would be careful with the NS500 used. I've had two new and they both have had problems - suddenly stopped reading disks of any sort. I like the sound and video but there must be a design flaw. As far as SONY goes, they are mute about the issues.
Thanks Ivan, hopefully mine will last me a good long time(knock on wood). What filters did you use while you had them?
What's a digital filter? Ferrite beads on the interconnects or power conditioning? Don't use a cheap Monster for the latter....
Thanks Ivanj I already got my player and found the digital filter in the set up menu. The option only affects cd playback. The two settings are sharp and slow.
I just compared the slow and sharp filters on my NS500V and the sharp filter is the one to use. Using the slow filter results in a smoothed, muddy sound, devoid of life and air.
With the sharp filter the life and air come back. I am using the NS500V as my main CD/SACD source, I prefer the sound to my older Denon DCD-1700 CD player.