What digital cable to connect a Tuner to Cary 306?

I have a CD player Cary 306 SACD connected to a pre-amp (Pass X2.5) and the same applying to a cheap tuner. I'd like to connect the Tuner to the Cary instead so that I can use Cary's DAC. What digital cable do you suggest and with which termination ?
cheers and thank you, Mike
Does the tuner output a digital signal? I am an analog guy, haven't been keeping up on the latest cheap tuners. If it does not output a digital signal you can't run it through the Cary.
If this Cary has a digital-in-----and you have cable,try hooking that up and be surprised. My cable of choice Violin Concierto.--My cable co has about 10 local radio stations,along with their "music choice" stations.---Then sell your "cheap-tuna" fm radio. I do own a decent tuner and it ain't even on the rack.