What digital cable between levinson 360s and 37?

I have the MDC-1 and have tried an st optical but whatelse is good without going crazy? thsk chucker
I have the 36 and 37. So far, the best with this combination is the Audioquest Falcon. I don't think it's made any longer, but I've tried the Orchid, Cardas AES/EBU, and the Falcon. The Orchid was too lean and the Cardas was just a little soft in the bass. The Falcon had the detail of the Orchid and was not soft in the bass.
When I had my 360S, I found that an ATT glass cable was the best: Audioquest's optima.
chucker which st optical are you using ??
I have the 37/360S combo and much prefer the Cardas AES/EBU to the very analytic Madrigal MDC-1. I agree with Rives that the Cardas is a little soft in the bass, but it is also very musical in all other respects, and after I tried it I quit lookong. Cheers. Craig
I use a Transparent Referenece AES/EBU between my 360S and 37 and have never looked back.
I used the Transparent Cable Reference AES/EBU 110 Ohm Digital Link between a No.36s and No.37 and it compliments these components quite well.
Deluxe, For ST Glass cables: I've tried the Krell "Full Spectrum" and the Straitwire "Stx". But are these true Quartz Glass or just Fiber Optic? They are very small in diameter (1/8")and very flexible (no outer cover, sheathing, etc.) True glass fiber is going to be better than fiber optic, look at what is being reported on toslink. chucker
thanks for the onfo chucker. :) i think that any it'd at&t/st format cable is true glass fiber ???
Sorry to chime in so late, but I too am running the Levinson No 37/360S combo (feeding a No 32 Preamp).  During my trial & error period, I tried the Transparent Reference AES/EBU as well as Better Cables Silver Serpent and a 1/2 dozen or so other cables I can't remember now.  I reluctantly borrowed a Nordost Valhalla AES/EBU from my dealer and within a few minutes dialed him up to place an order.  Not a cheap date, but the Valhalla removed several veiled layers, improved dynamics, tightened up the bass, dropped the noise floor a ton and improved things in nearly every aspect.  That was about 10 years ago and I've never looked back.   
This is the one I like and use KLEI gZero3D SPDIF/Coax IC.  Even for digital, it sounds very analogue and organic in character and has been my preference for the last couple of years.

ATT glass is good, the only thing that can beat slightly it is a Vivanco KX-710 coax