What Difference Will A 4k Capable DVD Player Make?

My projector has:

Native: 1024x768
Maximum: 1600x1200

pixel ratings.

Will I see any picture improvement with one of the new Oppo 103 or 105 Blu Ray players with the 4k video upscaling?

My screen is 16 feet wide and 9 feet tall for a 220 inch diagonal picture. I currently get an excellent picture now. Just wondering if the 4k upscaling in a new Oppo will kick things up a notch.

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Unless your TV has 4K, no. The TV will just reduce the upscale baack to 'native resolution'.
And the TV may not even work if the player is outputting 4K.
The TV may not know what to do with the unusual signal, or it may be incapable of dealing with it.
I do not use a television. I only use a projector as stated in the original post.
Does your projector offer 4K resolution?
If not, then the same comment applies
Elizabeth is correct, it doesn't matter that she said "TV" instead of "projector". Both are digital display devices. Most likely your projector will not even be able to accept the 4K output from one of the new Oppo players, or any other 4K source. Also, displays cannot output above their native resolution, only below. So the native output of your projector is likely 1600 x 1200, although it can accept 1024 x 768 (which of course it scales to 1600 x 1200 for display).
Well then, what's the point of 4k capable pre-pros and dvd players? There are no televisions and projectors to speak of with 4k resolution. If the 4k feature doesn't improve the picture on tv's & projectors without 4k, the feature is useless.

According to Projector Central, $24,000 is the lowest starting price for any projector with 4k resolution, ....hardly in the realm of the everyday consumer.
Mitch, I think you have answered your own qustion. Regardless of your source, you can't get any better than what your PJ will display. If 24K is the cost to get there, thats what you have to do. If it were me, I would enjoy what you have for the moment. Elizabeth is right. So, are you an everyday consumer, or not?
Mitch - I suppose the answer is: "future-proofing" (and bragging rights)
Call the mfgr. of your projector and ask for tech support or a tech rep. Tell them you have some questions and see if you get a straight answer. Has the projector been reviewed by any competent writer you could contact? They usually do a lot of tests.
Nah Tom, my projector is five years old and out of production, I doubt any rep wants to talk to me about it. I posted this to see if anyone with a 4k dvd player or a 4k capable pre-pro got a better image on their 1080p projector.

By the time 4k becomes commonplace in tv's and projectors, all of the current dvd players will be out of production and the new models will be out. So, I think it's like Mateored above said..the whole 4k hubub is about bragging rights, because currently, there is no practical use for it if it doesn't improve the image on 1080p tv's and projectors.
Mitch, try a 1080p projector, it will do a better job on your 220" screen.

Thanks guys, I thought I'd get a quantum leap in image quality on the cheap with one of the new Oppo machines.

I took a closer look at the PJ on the Projector Central site. The PJ listed at $24k wouldn't even be bright enough to work on my screen. The next price listed for a 4k projector is $150,000. At these prices, the 4k feature is not an option for me.

Zydo, I guess this makes me an everyday consumer.
Me too Mitch. Although you could probably charge admission to your room. I know I'd like to see it!
Give it five years...The prices are at the 'new super cool' level. When the 4K becomes common, the prices will drop like a stone.
When it hits saturation. they will bottom out. Just like widescreen TVs are now.
Why buy into this 4K thing when they are talking about 8K.
Imhififan, I think my quantum leap in picture quality lies in your suggestion. I found a BenQ projector with 50,000:1 contrast ratio, 4,000 lumens and 1920 x 1080. All for under $3,000. This is a good deal for me.

My current projector throws a beautiful picture, but its specs are nowhere near those of the above projector. My current projector is only 2,000:1 contrast ratio, 3,000 lumens and 1024 x 768.