what diff from rotel 1066 to 168? surr proc

Hello there, a struggling audio nut, limited budget (always) and a decision to make. Would it be smart to purchase a floor model 1066 for $1,100 or wait for an ok
deal on a rotel 1068? I have the rotel rmb 1075 and
Energy Conn C series. C-6 C2 adn Ac-300

Wisconsin eh!?
wait for the 1068, they go for just a few bucks more
I have the 1066. Its an excellent pre/pro. If your on a limited budget-forget the floor model I've seen them frequently here for 700-800 bucks. I also think its the perfect fit with your existing gear.
Seeing how 1066es go for under $750 used now, you should put your money there.