What did your system look like 30 years ago?

As best as I can recall, this is what I had

Magnepan MG1.4 speakers; Rega Planar 3 turntable with a Linn K9 cartridge; CAL Icon CD player;  Adcom GTP500 II tuner/preamp; Adcom GFA545 amp

I still have my Zerostat which I bought in the 80's-
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First post on the forum and funnily enough, as I just got a completely new system following a ten year hiatus (due to the fact that my now ex-wife hated any kind of noise, mostly including music), I was reminiscing about my old systems and the path that brought me to here:
- Sony CDP-490, which was my 18th birthday present
- Trio Kenwood Ka2000 integrated amp inherited from my grandfather
- Kef concentric driver speakers inherited from my father
This was installed in my bedroom which was tiny, maybe 2m by 3m. The speakers were mounted on the wall above my bed and the CDP & amp in the space built into the underside of the bed.

1995 - bought from Moorgate acoustics in Sheffield after I graduated from univeristy
- Arcam Alpa One CDP and Integrated Amp
- Moraudant Short MS10 speakers
I only had this system a very short time as it travelled with me from Sheffield to London where I started my 'career'.

1996 - bought from Hifi Lounge as was at the top of Tottenham Court road in London. I remember vividly they used to sell very high end systems and my exceptionally modest system felt paltry in comparrison to sounds eminating from the other demo rooms
- Marantz CD 63SE MKII ostensibly because that was the MUST HAVE sub £500 CDP at the time
- Cyrus 3 integrated amp; added the PSX-R later
- Mission 771 stand mount speakers
- Audioquest Indigo interconnect & speaker cable

This is the system I owned the longest and travelled with me from London back to Manchester when I did my Masters and then to Chester.

2005 - bought from Adventures in HiFi in Chester
- Naim CDX-2; later added XPS-2
- Naim 202/200; later added Hi-Cap
- Dynaudio 52SE; later swapped for Shahinian Arcs in 2006
This was the system that made me feel I'd reall 'arrived' in the world of high(er) end audio. It was very exciting to buy and a crazy purchase only made possible by cashing in an endowment policy I no longer needed. Thish was the second poorest financial decision I ever made (after selling my flat in London to finance an MBA. I should have kept the flat, rented it out and borrowed the money!) But poor as that decision was, the system gave me a huge amount of joy. It moved with me from Chester to Croydon (where I lived happily without a TV for six months) and then into my girlfriend's house and then the family home after we married. I had it in a dedicated listening room for a few years and then when kids arrived and my wife's tolerance for noise and me disappearing upstairs to listen rather than watch telly evaporated, I ended up selling it all on.

2020 - bought from G-Point AUDIO and a huge milestone in my audiophile journey. I promised myself I would buy a dream (for me) system when I finally got into my own place and this is it!
- Lukasz LDM Mini server
- Lampizator Golden Gate DAC
- Silvercore 833 monobloc SET amps
- Horns FP10
- Hifidelity HFC CT1-U RCA interconnect &  speaker cables

30 years ago I had a Sansui AU217 driving mission 700s on Target stands and fed from either a Sansui cassette player, a NAD4020A tuner or a Townshend Rock mk2 with Rega 300 and a Dynavector 17D2 with a Tom Evans phonostage (the board was made by Tom but most were put in a box by Michell Engineering and sold as the iso, mine was a pre production test sample and I sourced my own box and an over sized transformer). 
Snell Type J IIs w/lead loaded Snell stands & Apature Accuflow speaker cables bi amped with a pair of B&K ST140 amps, Audible Illusions Modulas preamp, PS Audio Digital Link, Magnavox CD650 cd player used as a transport, AR EB101 TT w/Infinity Black Widow arm and a Sumiko Blue Point, all Linn interconnects. Total cost = $4,500.00 all purchased new. Enjoy the music
I'm going back to around 1980:

Rega Planar 3 turntable
Perreaux amp
PS Audio IV preamp
Nakamichi 481 cassette deck
Klipsch Cornwalls speakers
Monster Cable speaker wire at $1.00 per foot

All of this cost about 5K and probably could out-perform systems today costing way more. What does that tell you? 

1991: I remember it well,

JBL C50 Olympus w/001 System
Crown DC 300
Crown IC 150
Technics SP-10 w/Grace arm
Grado cartridge
Sony CD player