What did your system look like 30 years ago?

As best as I can recall, this is what I had

Magnepan MG1.4 speakers; Rega Planar 3 turntable with a Linn K9 cartridge; CAL Icon CD player;  Adcom GTP500 II tuner/preamp; Adcom GFA545 amp

I still have my Zerostat which I bought in the 80's-
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I remember the Harvey store on 17 quite well. It was on the northbound side and was pretty close where there’s now a Tesla dealer. I used to work in Hackensack so I passed Harvey 2X a day. Bought stuff from them over the years too! There also used to be a Leonard Radio on 17, and Rt 4 had a Tech HIFI. There was another place on Rt4- Stereo Warehouse. Not far, in Ridgewood, was the Sounding Board. Englewood had Stewart’s. Funny that these days when I pass locations that were former hifi shops I always think of what was there. 
I’m a bit north- in Rockland. We had one place in Nanuet. It was a good place until the owner retired and then the son took over. What a gannif/thief! He ran it into the ground. 
These days, the hifi shops in reasonable proximity to me are in white plains, mount kisco, and Cornwall. All three are quite different. In order of preference- mount kisco, Cornwall, then white plains. 
If I get ambitious, and I’ve done it, under 3 hrs and I’m in Binghamton/Vestal
Speaking of Harvey and speaking of Mount Kisco, Harvey had a store in Mount Kisco, too.
Hafler DH100, DCM Time Window 1as, NAD basic CD player, I think preamp was CJ PV3, Harmon Kardon ST-8 TT, and Grado mid-grade cartridge. 
Dahlquist DQ10 speakers
Phase Linear 4000 Preamp
Phase Linear 400 Amp
Bang and Olufsen Beogram 4002 turntable
Zip cord cables
Infinity Reference Standard 2.5 Speakers
Perreaux 3150 Amp
CAT SL/1 Reference Preamp
Meridian 200/203 Transport/DAC
VPI TNT with Graham 1.5t and Koetsu Black