What did you think of the HE2005 Show?

While I heard some decent sound, most of the displays were kind of "shrieky" and harsh sounding, despite the use of treatment devices. I heard the new Apogee type speakers, and decided to hold onto my Duettas; the new Gershmans were excellent; and, having just purchased a used pair of Talon Khoruses, I wanted to hear and compare their latest offering, the Firehawk, to them. Sadly, there was absolutely NO trace of any bass response below 50 - 60 hz to speak of, which shocked me, as Talon is renowned for their bass (among other things). I then looked for Escalante Design, where Talon's former designer, Tierry Budge, now resides. Needless to say, we now know where the talent went! More to come later...
I heard the Analysis set up too. I heard them on Thursday, and Friday. The difference between the two days was great. Henry, builder of the H2O amps powering the Greek Omicrons, changed a lot of things overnight. This all makes me believe the Analysis would sound a lot different in better circumstances.