What did you own in the 60's?

Here is one for the more mature folks here.

My first component system was a XAM 20 watt receiver, a Garrard 40B turntable with a 1 cent Grado cartridge, & a pair of XAM speakers with single 8" "full range" speakers. It was the house brand of EJ Korvette, a discount department store on Long Island. I probably would have done better if I could have talked my dad into going to Lafayette, but it was a longer trip.

I replaced the Garrard with a $91 AR XA in 1969. It was obvious that turntables sounded different, even to a 16 year old! I don't recall reading that in Stereo Review!
My first system, 1966, was an AR turntable, AR speakers and a Dynaco SCA-35 integrated I built from a kit. Great memories of that setup, it was playing almost constantly for several years. Added a Tandberg reel-to-reel at some point later.
1965: Garrard Lab 80 with a Shure cart, Fisher pre/amp combo, JBL speakers, the bullet cone tweet, and 15" woofer two way.
My best friends' brother still uses them.
Scott tubed receiver, Garrard Zero 100 TT, Sony reel to reel & Rectilinear 3 speakers.
Could not beat the prices @ Korvette's for new LP's back then (under $3.00) THOSE WERE THE DAYS!
I love you guys, (and gal)! (I just turned 50 this year, so I was feeling really old, but you've reminded me that I am not so old for an Audiophile!)

In 1960, my turntable was one of those kid's turntables that had a kind of a slide projector that pulled the strips of slides in, and when played with the appropriate record, not only told a story, but showed pictures that were timed to coincide with the story. (Pretty cool technology for the time.)

And of course it also worked as a regular turntable, albeit with dubious sound quality, and for all I know, it played in mono. Although, for a kid, it sounded fine.

I did not have a stereo turntable until I borrowed the family portable turntable that we got when I was about 13 or 14, (which would have been about 1974 or so). I did not get my own stereo until I was out of college, and had a job at age 20, (1980). (And of course it was the standard Japanese receiver, turntable and speakers). But from then on, I was pretty much hooked, and have upgraded my rig on a semi-regular basis since then, (say every 5 or so years).
EJ Korvettes = eight jewish korean veterans. Did u know that? The coolest store ever. Best LP section in the world. It's all gone downhill since. Do I sound old?

System= Garrard TT, Lafayette amp, JBL speakers

That has all gone downhill too. Just like my sex-drive.
Fisher component system for the last part of the 60's.....and a big console for the early 60's........MOTOWN BABY!....Woodward Avenue!

About 1961 my parents got Magnavox concert grand stereo console. Each channel bi-amped with about 50 tubed watts "music power". It sounded wonderful in its day. I used it through the late 70's. In the next few weeks I'm going to pick it up from my Mother's and try to find a local tech to recap it.
ca. 1969- Radio Shack 20 wpc receiver, 8" speakers, RS/Garrard TT. Cart was included, so I used the penny to keep it from skipping! Then a family friend went to 'Nam and sent me back a Pioneer SX-1000 TW and I got a pair of Advents and an AR TT! Boy did we have a high old time listening to tunes....
1962, AR-2, Dynaco PAM1 and MK 4, Knight turntable, wanted AR but Allied Radio didn't have them yet. The EJ in the South suburbs of Chicago had the best record section. What IS this sex drive of which you speak? I think it is more the ex drive for us old farts.
In 1969 I talked my Mom into buying me one of those all in one stereos from Korvette's in greater Chicagoland without my Dad knowing about it. I think it cost about $300. I thought it was great. Well, when my Dad found out about it he threw a fit and back it went for a refund, after barely a record was played. But then he says, "We'll get you a REAL stereo" and down to Allied Radio we went (Western Ave, I think). We walked out with an Allied turntable (low end Garrard) with an Empire cartridge, Sansui AU555A integrated, a pair of Fisher 12" 3-ways ($100 for the first speaker and 1 cent for the second) and a small Crown FM tuner. Then he amazed me by hooking it all up without reading any directions (a trait that I inherited)! I guess I was lucky! PS. I think he kind of regretted it when I went out and got Led Zepplin II. That's when he got me some cheap Koss headphones.
Great dad, not only hooked you up but didn't stop you from listening to what you wanted. Did the same for my son but got a solid core door instead.
1959 mono system:
Eico HF-12 (kit)
Garrard 210
Pickering (forgot model)
Acoustic Research AR-2

First album purchased:
"That'll Be The Day"
Buddy Holly
(still have it)
A really cool looking Stingray bicycle and a small transistor radio.
A Garrard tt into an Eico integrated amp driving one Westinghouse speaker and homemade speaker.
How do you guys remember the model numbers? I for one was way too stoned to remember much.
EJ Korvettes Urban Legend see http://www.snopes.com/business/names/ejkorvette.asp

From the mid 1960s to the mid 1980s My parents had a really cheap KLH system. But they had pretty cool taste in music--mostly bebop jazz. I, however, gravitated towards their Beatles records.
A really neat tomato radio, and a little brown number that had 4"x4"detachable speakers, for stereo separation don'cha know! Didn't hit the good stuff (marantz superscope) till the 70's!
Dynaco PAS 3
Dynaco Stereo 70
Dynaco FM 1
AR 2 speakers, Jensen 12" three way DIY enclosure
I didn't have stereo gear in the 60'S.Just a Panasonic clock radio.To busy chasing the ladies and enjoying the tunes on my AM radio in my 1963 Ford Falcon.I did get some Radio Shack gear in the 70's..as a matter of fact I still have the STA 225 Shack Receiver in the Garage..AaHHHH the 60's what a great time to be young...Almost made it to Woodstock in 1969..I didn't want to leave the Falcon parked on the NY Thruway and walk the rest of the way,so headed back to Jersey.
Sansui 1000 integrated,Sansui 200 speakers,Pioneer PL-41??TT,dynamite!,Cheers,Bob
University 6201 speakers in Rockford cabinets, probably Viking 88 tape deck, JBL SA 600 Integrated amp, first Harmon Kardan tuner and I'm blanking on the record player(s). maybe a Presto Pirouette or Scott 710 turntable with Grado wood arm. Those were the days (not). Dave
with the numbers that "rolled over" with an audible click each minute change ... I was born in 1966 so my high fi obsession did not start til much later
Electrovoice Patrician speakers, Marantz 7C & 8B. and a Thorens TD125 (still have this. I wonder how this would sound today-you don't see many Patricians around these days.
1966 one of the fold down record players playing the Stones and Paul Revere and the Raiders.
1969 got an LL Scott all in one record player/amp/tuner with some Magnavox speakers. Not a bad system comparatively. 70's got MUCH better though.
First system....( 1967 or so )Sansui 5000 with Miracord 50H T/T and Rectalinier 3 loudspeakers... Boy that sounded very impressive to me...
Tannoy, Thorens changer, gray v arm with table, Marantz and McIntosh electronics. Sold it all in the mid sixties to buy a house. Still have all the records.
Fisher 202 receiver, Dynaco A-25 speakers and Dual 1215 turntable with a Shure M-91ED cartridge. I thought I was in Heaven!
In case anyone noticed, of course I meant HH Scott, not LL Scott.
Getting my audio gear mixed up with my outdoor gear :)
Harman Kardon system including receiver, speakers and turntable.
Did someone say Fisher? How about Fisher-Price?! (Hey, I was born in '64 ;^)
A Soundesign system that was receiver and speakers.
Thorens 150, Shure M44
Dynaco PAS 3
Dynaco 70
Heath tube tuner
Sony R to R
AR 4ax
As a grammar school graduation gift I received an all in one Garrard suitcase like contraption, with a fold down turntable and fold out speakers.
I remember it well, my first system, Leak Mini Sandwhiches, Rogers cadet integrated, Garrard SP25, all second hand.
My mother is still using those speakers now
My system was a Realistic 9 transistor radio I received as a Xmas gift in 1966 - just about right for a 7-year-old. 1966 solid state wasn't ideal for music perhaps and the 2" paper driver wasn't exactly SOTA, but it brought the 1967 Red Sox "impossible dream" season as close as I could have wanted :)
a pilot intergrated w/ 7591 tubes ( I remember the number cause I bunt my fingers pretty bad taking a bad one out )
a garrard changer i think was a model a- something, and a pair of jensen 10" 3 ways .now about forty years later .god knows how many systems , houses and an x- wivfs, girlfriends , kids grand-kids ect > worked all the way up to my dream amp the fisher sa1000 . wish I had the cash back then ...but what a ride getting to this point .spending thousands on high end gear all through the 70's 80's and 90's ending up with a 300.00 amp from the 60's .god I love this addiction !!
a Hitachi cassette recorder and a little red portable 8 track player (Lear Jet?). No stereo until 1972.
A transistor radio.
I had a Sylvania or Magnavox (can't remember!!) fold out record changer that I inherited from my folks. I spliced in some no name speakers (in series!!) and had the obligatory penny on the tone arm tweak!!
"A transistor radio."

Oh, right. I had one of those to.

Phillies baseball and top 40 radio got lots of airtime of those.

I used to regularly open these these little portable gadgets up and hot wire them to larger external speakers as a step up.
A $500 system bundle from Cal Hi-Fi consisting of a Dual turntable with Stanton 681 cart, a Fisher AM/FM solid state receiver, and a pair of unbranded 3-way large bookshelves with 10" or 12" woofers. It sucked, but I was a teenager and enjoyed my music back then as much or more than I have since. If I had had guidance from someone in the know, I might have ended up with AR and Dynaco gear at about that price, but I didn't.
Nov.1969. Purchased from Lafayette Radio in Newark, NJ.

Lafayette LR-500B receiver
Garrard 40B turntable with Pickering V15/ACE cartridge
KLH22A speakers
I was about 8 or 9 years old (1966-67) when I bought a crystal radio set mail order from the back of a comic book. I strung the antenna wire in the maple tree outside my bedroom window. It worked. I picked up all of the local AM radio stations.
Ha! Tonywinsc, that one put a smile on my face!
Dua1 1019, Shure V15 cartridge, Dynakit PAS3, Dynakit Stereo 70, Knight/EV 15TRX in bass reflex enclosures.

My first system was two Lafyette kit 8 watt tube mono amps, Lafayette/Goodmans 8" three way drivers in Lafayette kit enclosures,a Glaser-Steers automaatic turntable with platter which stopped when record dropped, Shure md3 carttidge which lacked output for the Lafayette tube amps,so had to add the Dynakit Pas3 preamp I have been at this hobby ever since.
Strange how some items go up in value. The Goodmans are now selling for #300 a pair on Ebay, not bad for $15.00 drivers. Same for the Dynakit Pas 3. But then look at the current value of the Marantz 7!
By mid-60s I had an AR table with a Shure V-15 Mk II cartridge, a Marantz Model 18 receiver, and a pair of AR3a speakers. The receiver cost an entire month of post-doc stipend. It was a pretty good sounding setup. I still have all of the above components, but no longer use them.

1960's system:

stacked quad esls, mac c22 pre, quad mono tube amps., thorens td 124, w ortofon arm and cartridge. cables were generic.

that system has given me more pleasure than any system i have owned or heard since 1967.

i defy someone to present a stereo system that will beat it, with the exception of 6, or 8 quad esls.
I remember being impressed by Dual and Gerrard tuntables, Fisher amps and Advent speakers back then.
Transistor radio and my Dads portable record player. It was mono, all in one unit about the size of a suitcase.

A tube AM/FM clock radio (which worked very well); a couple of transistor radios; and during the last few years of the decade a $20 portable record player.

-- Al
JBL L100 &99 lets rock and roll.