What did you get for Christmas?

This year I did fairly well on the audio front. My wife gave me a nice recording of Handels Messiah. My dad gave me the LC-1 and A Belden 1694A from Blue Jean Cable. Also, a pair of Monoprice digital coax cables to use for comparison. I plan to use the identical pair to compare transports and then with the Belden to see if the cables make a difference in my system.
I always get gift certificates to buy records, for both Christmas and birthdays.
I got an Olive 04HD and a Parasound JC-3. Merry Christmas to me!
iPad II and a S&W Model M&P15-22
Another day above ground, a 6 pack, and a D-35 Martin Guitar.
12-28-11: Polk432
Another day above ground, a 6 pack, and a D-35 Martin Guitar.

Sweeeeeet !!!!
4 LP's - Miles Davis "Kinda Blue" 180gram pressing, Miles Davis/Milt Jackson "Quintet/Sextet", Bill Evans Trio "Moon Beams", Adele "21".

I also got some guitar maintenance tools, and some Clarinet accessories, shirts, whiskey, and coffee.

Finally - a tablet computer . . .

It was a good Christmas.
opera tickets and homemade eggnog
Three new surround's. I added larger front main's a couple years back. The new surround's have much smoother ribbon tweeter's. The previous surround's had a 3.5 Hz peak of harsh horn distortion. Generally, I like smooth horns very much, too.

I chose the Legacy Marquis HD center and two matching Studio HD's surrounds. The timbre's and larger enclosed driver's sound great with the Yami's up front.

Polk432: A D-35 Mohogany sounds nice! I've wanted a D-35 or Colling's D1A/D1 for way toooo long. I demo'd a rare Martin Art's and Craft's Hog that was the best sounding acoustic I ever played - much like a D-35. It quickly got away...I added a Young Chang Studio upright piano that I enjoy playing very much. YC won a Steinway grand piano contract because their sound and build quality is excellent.
I got an Ipad ii and I'll be damned if I can figure it out...I can wire and cable up a multi-channel home theater with my eyes closed but maybe some day I'll get this bugger working
I got a rock:(
Found a Sony STR v-3 at the local thrift store that after a little clean-up looks great and performs flawlessly. Also found a Presto k-8 portable record cutter that will cut mono 33 1/3 or 78 rpm records. Couldn't ask for a better "Bachelors Christmas".
From my son: two Nash the Slash LPs
and tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Pantages in Hollywood.
Not bad for a Dad!

From me to me : Ayre V-5xe amp.
Happy Holidays all !!
I got corrected! The D-35 IS east indian rosewood and the D-18 has mohagany sides and back. Thank you Polk432 and hope you thoroughly enjoy those warmer rosewood tones!
A Yamamoto HA-02 headphone amp.
4 lumps of coal which I placed under my cd player. Excellent vibration control and the bass is tighter and more clearly defined.
The screamin' mimmies from shrimp cocktail :(
Great amp atomickid - should bring much enjoyment.
My mom bought an old album collection from a freind of hers. About 600 albums and give them to me. Have not had a chance to really look through them, but most of them that i looked at seemed to be in playable shape. Want to clean them before i try to play them. What a great present.
I got myself a pair of NOS A2900/CV6091 for my integrated
With my sainted wife's blessing, a Schiit (yes, pronounced like you think) Valhalla tube headphone amp and a used VTL 2.5 preamp to match with my long-dormant VTL ST-150 Amp (I haven't put up pictures of them yet on my system page). The VTL combination is amazing, and the headphone amp is very nice.

If you want a few laughs, visit the Schiit Audio website at schiit.com
I got a Kimber Super Carry Ultra+ .45
An Amazon gift card that I used to buy a Squeezebox Duet. It's my very first foray into computer audio so nervous and excited. Just wish it would get here, I mean it's been two days already!
I've got one of my favorite Mary-Joana brands "Blueberry".

I got a new pair of skis. Now if Santa would bring some snow......
I was really bad this year.
Santa left me a few small lumps of really cheap coal (almost just peat really..) in a dirty sock.
That's it.
I am happy however.
My wonderful wife gave me a complete Groneberg Cable set consisting of 2 one meter pairs of interconnects, a 1.5 meter pair of interconnects, and a pair of 20 foot speaker cables. I am in audio heaven.
I got to run sound for my church. I'm guessing around 2k people? It was great but even better was that 87 people took the next step in their faith.
I like Theo's response. One of my wife's stocking stuffers was a couple of packs of Charlie Brown Christmas playing cards.
BMW Seven Series sedan. A gift to myself...
3 box sets
- Miles Davis live in Europe 1967
- Jimmy Smith: Retrospective
- John Coltrane: Classic Trane
A gift to myself (sort of), a Wryed DAC 2.
A leather rocket chair from Restoration Hardware, gonna be the "sweet spot" chair!
Sent off for a pair of Grado 325is headphones. A Christmas/climbed a mountain gift to myself.

Spinaker, you have been good this year, Audiowoman, you really rock now.
Bionic driving gloves, Arnova 10 G2, and a Kimber Stainless Ultra TLE II. I use the same name over at the 1911forum if you want to see some pics.
A little more inner peace.
Hey Glenfihi,

Like I said "a present to myself" ....so, as long as I can make the payments..... :)