What defines a high compliance cartridge vs low

This question has two parts and derives from the recent tone arm thread.
What do you think is a highly complant cartridge specification? What would be a low or resistant compliance figure? Where does one draw the line in terms of the specs provided?
Knowing that tone arm mass and compliance are important considerations for optimal performance, then what formula, or ratio do you use for optimal tone arm mass for a given compliance? Or Vice Versa?

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Looking at the specs for the Redgum phono stage,I personally think that the R.I.A.A curve is not really flat(+/- 0.5) and going down to 10Hz might be too sensitive at the lower end of the scale for M.M.Do they the roll-off at 35Khz? The competing Project S.E Phono looks better on paper,much flatter R.I.A.A( no more than 0.3dB fluctuation all up across 20Hz to 20Khz))with impedance adjustment as well.I think the phono stage is the issue given they sell the table with the Goldring M.M.