What dealer/distributor has influenced you most?

Brian @ Aaudio Imports has by far helped influence me the most on my audio journey.

From the Isoclean products to the Weizhi over to the Stage 3 power cables and now to the Thales IC. The S3 and Thales are by far the best AC/IC I have ever heard in my system. No cable has come close to them. The new AC passive units Brain sells are said to better the Weizhi so again this is where the next move will be.

We are all hoping Thales starts to market/make speaker cables.

Who has helped you the most and how??
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I never let a "dealer" influence my audio hobby. A dealer usually has an agenda to lead one to what is most profitable, regardless of sound quality. The best influences were other audiophools who have been around a while and offered up some very good advice.

That said:

Brian @ Aaudio Imports is one of the good guy dealers! He doesn't carry junk and his product line stays consistent. His entry level is high end if your wallet can handle it, his higher end products are performance related to the cost.

Tim Ryan at Simplifi Audio has a very good product line, that offers high end quality sound at midfi prices.

Tim Kroll of Shelby + Kroll makes a great product, and is like an encyclopedia of audio knowledge.
None of them, all of them are crooks!

Haha, just kidding.

Yes, there's some bad apples out there, but there are some (not many though) cool distributors and dealers out there who pride themselves on customer service, and deliver it.

That's my take...
John Ruttan @ Audio Connection in Verona,New Jersey always goes the extra mile.The store offers a huge variety of audio products @ all price points.I've upgraded products with him for over 20 years and have always felt I was given a fair deal.A brief example is when I was having difficulty setting up my Vandersteen 5's in my home not only did he come to my home to adjust them but called Richard Vandersteen to see if he could add any imput on enhancing the sound.Highly Recommended!!!!