What dacs are used in the Citation 7.0 processor

Everyone raves about this processor, but no one seems to know what dacs are in this unit. Some people even believe there are not dacs. Anyone know the answer?
This is a 15 year old processor with no digital inputs. A Meridian 565 with the 7.1 upgrade sounds so much better for around this price. ---Yes, I had one, and had the 5.1 installed by MSB. Great stuff in its time. Sorry I can't remember what dacs it had but whatever they are, you can be sure newer dacs sound so much better.( This piece pre-dates DD & DTS)
This highly acclaimed preamp/proccessor is a 2 channel only anolog in device THERE are no DACS. These days digital preamps are a dime a dozen, this baby however in the 6axis mode sounds way better than 90% of them. I just bought one for $400 an incredible bargain for a device that retailed for $3500 when it was in vogue. I actually prefer to use it over my digital preamp.