What DAC will work well with my Rega Planet ov ?

What DAC will work well with my Rega Planet (original version)?

I am really a fan of my original version Rega Planet. I like the design better, and the construction is much better than the new one. I am looking for a little more resolution, more separation, more air... but still desire the full bass and non-fatiguing sound it has. I heard an inexpensive Cambridge Audio D500SE. It was ugly and built like a toy, but sounded really nice. Also non-fatiguing, but with nice air and sound staging that filled the room. Not sure if it up-samples. But it does have a high-res Crystal chip I think. Anyway... anyone know of a DAC to add to my Rega Planet (original version) that will give me the sound qualities I am looking for? Something for under $1k would be great. Thanks.
Don't try to make your life harder. After-DAC filtering of a signal is realy what counts in digital gear and spending $1k for it will be an "overkill".
Get an active filter Musical Fidelity X-10 for near $100 used and spear the rest for amp preamp or speaker upgrade.
Also don't pay any attention whether it upsamples or not. To me it's better not or at least have an upsampler switchable.
As to Cabridge D500SE I loved it myself and for its price it's a real high-end sleeper that sounds very close to (I know someone is going to kill me for such but...) Capitole indeed!
Two of my favorite DACs are the Sonic Frontiers SFD-2 Mk.I or Mk.II, and the Classe DAC-1.

The Sonic, being tube (only two), is like most tube stuff. Warm, smooth, very detailed, not laid back, but not in your face either.

The Classe is more in your face, but also has great detail, and air.
I love my original Planet also. Please let me know how you make out.
I liked my planet lots as well, and I agree about the build quality. After an intrim hitch with an ARC CD-2 I returned to the Rega sound and now run a Jupiter 2000 and love it.

Sam Telig of writes in Stereophile of a Musical Fidelity DAC that he runs with his Rega (Jupiter?) that he likes. I believe it was in your price range. Check it out.