What DAC upgrade made you say “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?

As the title suggests, what was your overall system and DAC at the point where you bought only a new DAC and said “DAMN, that sounds SO MUCH better than my last DAC”?

I’m a novice and so many people talk about improvements from new equipment as if they were only listening to varying degrees of static until they bought more and more new equipment which added up to them finally being presented with music. It’s like Salome and the seven veils. But when does the last veil get peeled away? 

So what system did you have and what DAC did you swap in that made you say “DAMN!!!!”?

I guess I’m looking for night and day differences, not gradual progressions……

Adding and clocking a Denafrips Iris DDC for I2S input to the Terminator Plus was a near Damn moment compared to the straight USB from an Innuos Statement.

What was a Damn moment was when Innuos released their InnuOS 2.0 and I was able to dump Roon.  InnuOS 2.0 just makes noise vanish.  While Tidal is still nowhere close to the quality of local files and InnuOS 2.0 doesn't support HiRez from Tidal yet, Tidal sounds so much better.  The fatigue factor is 90 % decreased because the background noise is so much less.  The presentation is more dynamic and more relaxed at the same time.  More so with local files but Tidal actually benefits more relatively because it was so much worse to start with.

InnuOS 2.0 further reveals and widens the gap between Redbook and HiRez.   It also reveals and widens the gap between HiRez PCM and DSD.  DSD has more detail and richness with better pace and timing.  Its more immersive.  With Roon I always felt DSD sounded wrong but it was just the distortion and noise Roon was adding that made is sound off.


Apparently, that's true. Why I never investigated coax is a mystery to me: LOL

The Pangea XL 1.5m is spectacular after ~ 50 hours burn in. In addition to the spacing, dark backgrounds, amazing soundstage, I finally have bass

I went from a Hegel HD 20 to Aqua Formula xHD Rev 2 so obviously this was a giant step!!My dream DAC is still Totaldac D1-Twelve Mk2 for when i retire.
I'll have a shootout between that and the DAVE/M Scaler combo
Did you ever tried the shootout?