What DAC chip used in Berkeley Audio Design DAC?

I believe that the sound card in that is by Lynx. Additional (very opinionated) comments, some good interior pictures, and additional links can be found on this Romy the Cat thread.
Thanks! Will take a look.
Checked it out. Romy the Cat's thoughts sure can be difficult to read, getting the spirit is easier than getting the specifics. The photos are nice, first I've seen of the BADA interior. Certainly looks like a well built unit.
I think those pics are of his Pacific Microsonics DAC, not the BADA...yes/no?
Looks like the PM DAC to me too and the post seems to substantiate that unless I'm missing something.
The pictures are of the PM DAC, which I have seen first hand in the past. If only Romy could get a command of the English language, he would be up for a Pulitzer.
I think his command of the English language is just fine. I enjoy reading his posts and miss him around here. I should spend more time over on his site.
Why does Romy not post here? Was he banned?
Anyone seen BADA innards? Photos?