What current China import sounds like a CJ??

Does anyone have any experience with the inexpensive China imports, integrated or stereo amps that have a CJ type sound. Looking to put together a second system and liked the old CJ11A and CJ14 combo but even at used prices you can buy the Chinese stuff for less money. Any ideas??
The chinese gear I have heard reminded me of celebrity look-alikes. Just a lesser quality version of something else. Some of those designs didn't deserve to be ripped off! Who wants to see a Paris Hilton impersonator??? I'm sure I don't have as much experience as a lot of people here, but none of it sounded good to my ear. Some of it was okay, but I'd opt for the US, Italian, or German original.

I'm not a fan of Cary gear, but I'd rather have the Cary than the knockoff. I was walking around CES last year and went to a room that if it were not for the color of the amps, I would have sworn they were Cary. They looked exactly like the original!

Chinese tubes are not as good as the better stuff available, the builders skimp on internals while making nice cabinets. That's probably a good idea, for all the people who buy with their eyes rather than their ears.

Fools can write this off as political rhetoric. When I want to make political statements about China (as I have in the past) I will. This is not one of those times, this has to do with the quality of products coming out of China. When companies from the west go to China to have products built, they retain control of the quality. When the Chinese turn around and rip those same products off, they make them as cheaply as possible hoping to fool the people too cheap to buy the originals. So who's the real fool???
How do you "rip off" a tube audio amplifier circuit? Every possible way to use a KT88 was public knowledge decades ago. And triodes before that.
Ok we have political discussion about trade issues. Can I get anyone refocused on my question???
Sorry Tommy. The simple answer is "no". Mention any Chinese product and, inevitably, here or at Audioasylum, the protectionists come out in full force to save America. All of China is presented as a black hole of horrible labor conditions and all Chinese products are portrayed as being ripoffs and of poor quality. It's so extreme it's almost cartoon like.

So you better get used to it if you mention China and audio equipment in the same paragraph.
Thank you Eldartford for the voice of reason...

Thank you Viridian for the uncomfortable yet sardonic laughter...

Thank you Bkonig for the just plain old laughter...

And thank you in advance China, for continuing to grant us audio toys and dollar stores in exchange for our rights and freedoms after you take over the earth, just before we all die of your industrial pollution...