What country builds the best audio equipment?

I remember not so long ago when audio equipment was mainly a home grown product with the exception of Japan here in the U.S. Today it’s a global market with competition from every corner of the world. I use to think here in the U.S was were the best equipment was being built, but now I’m not sure.
Built quality and performance seems to be lacking a little here in the states with few exceptions compared to what’s being produced over seas and up to the north. So what country is the best equipment coming from? Maybe it’s still the U.S, but if pure aesthetics says anything I would say not.
As for Sonics tough to call, maybe still here in the U.S? 

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03-25-2020 2:40am
The UK, Scotland to be specific...Tannoy, Sugden, & Linn Sondek.....

On that vein of thought ... Robson custom amps and fyne audio (the main chaps who left tannoy ... also Art Audio in troon
I have Rega P8 UK - German Phono - Linn Klimax streamer Scotland - Tron pre amp (ENG) Robson Mono a class (Scotland) Tannoy Arden (Scotland)

other lounge Linn Sneaky (Scot) feeding Leben CS300XS (Japan) into SH Art Audio speakers (Scot)

Didn't realise I was so nationalistic in Audio .... my bikes are mainly American - 2 Lynskeys and a Surly. One  Brompton and a Ti Gravel bike from UK
Hey everybody!
France is not often mentioned in this thread, but some products and brands are worth the detour. In the past and now.
Lurné turntables. YBA amps & pre (the real YBA not the MIRPC recent ones). Micromega CD players and DACs. Focal speakers. Devialet amps. Audio Aero for CDs and DACs. Jadis amps.
And so...
Protect your precious selves.
But except an YBA pre, all my stuff is US made (and Swiss/German/UK for tuners).
Soundwise I would say Canada. My Moon kit sounds great! Having said that, I have had reliability issues in the past.