What country builds the best audio equipment?

I remember not so long ago when audio equipment was mainly a home grown product with the exception of Japan here in the U.S. Today it’s a global market with competition from every corner of the world. I use to think here in the U.S was were the best equipment was being built, but now I’m not sure.
Built quality and performance seems to be lacking a little here in the states with few exceptions compared to what’s being produced over seas and up to the north. So what country is the best equipment coming from? Maybe it’s still the U.S, but if pure aesthetics says anything I would say not.
As for Sonics tough to call, maybe still here in the U.S? 

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When it comes to honest reproduction of sound via high fidelity the leading brand is ATC (professional & consumer HiFi) of United Kingdom, Gloucester)  Also their gear is mostly home made, so they have ultimate control from beginning to the end of building components.  Not many brands do that.......