what connectors do you use on your jumpers?

I'm using spades to spades on my main wire and non locking bananas on both ends of my jumpers. I think the low end suffers from using the bananas. The cable maker doesn't offer locking bananas.

I want to get spade to spade jumpers but I have always been hesitant of putting two spades on top of one another. Is this OK or is a banana to spade jumper preferred?
It should be fine using 2 spades at 1 connector. Personally I like bananas better because you get more of a surface area connection. Also with spades you check them to make sure they don't loosen up. I used the wbt locking banana and didn't feel there as much of surface area connection but I could be wrong. The weight of the cable might justify a locking banana. I have Nordost now witch is a light weight cable compared with Jps S3 that had the locking wbt's.
If you can remove the terminal nut completely, ring connectors would be more secure.
spade on one end and banana on the other makes for a universal hook up whether you have bananas or spades on your speaker cables.
just wire. would never use bananas. i also like pro binding posts and neutrik locking connector. otherwise just wire is enough. i clean it from time to time to prevent oxidation.