what conditioners?

I am installing BAT mono 1000 for my aerial 10T's. I have dedicated power port outlets. Do I plug directly into these or should there be something in between? This goes for my sub SW12 too. I have all my components,ie,processor,DVD, into an Exact Power Conditioner.Can I ever utilize the 2nd outlet on one of my dedicated power plugs or must it be one component per outlet? Anybody have any experience with the stock plugs that come with BAT? Should they be replaced. I already have PS power cords for everything else.Anybody using Audio Horizons power cords?Thanks,ken
I use Audio Horizon power cords. I'e found them to improve sound quality on all of my electronics (VTL Signature MB185 monoblock amps, K&K Audio phono preamp, Levinson 37 transport, etc. The latest versions of the power cord are quite flexible, which is another nice feature.