what conditioner to use with tubes

i have a psaudio p 300 running my digital,i need a line condioner,for a tubed preamp,im running a ultimate outlet on my amps,also there is a vhaudio flavor 4 running the preamp,and a flavor 2 running the steridian,any help please,the preamp is in the wall now
I found an isolation transformer helped my own preamp a lot. If you want to try it, get one with a fair amount of headroom, say double your preamp's wattage draw. It shouldn't make any difference whether the unit is tubed or solid state.
Running Springs Audio Duke.
another vote for Running Springs Audio. the Haley will do fine.
If your happy with the p-300 on the digital, maybe pick up a used p-600 or p-500, you can sell the p-300 to help finance the larger power plant. I use a p-500 with a tube preamp, tube D/A, tube phono stage, transport, tuner and xm tuner. I use approx. 45% or 200 watts indicated from the power display on the p-500 and the sound is excellent at least for me anyway.
The Panamax Pro-5510 is a prosaic but excellent choice. It includes two inductorless high-current outlets. I use one on my Audiopax 88 tube amps and it sounds best and removes the most noise of many alternatives tried. It gives you transformer isolation and choice of balanced power on low-demand sources too. I am getting another for my 300B monoblocks on another system.

I used an Audio Magic Stealth with a pair of CJ'8s for years. That means both amps into the one Stealth,and these apms are power-hungry.I still have 2 stealths at different locations.

I just received the older Panamax 5500, which is similar to the newer 5510. Do you have your preamp connected to it? If so, which bank is it connected to? I currently have it connected to 'medium' filtered bank, but might try connecting it to the lower current Isolated 'digital' outlet, as someone had suggested.
On that system I have a TVC in the preamp position. However, when I have tried active preamps I have used the medium filtered and the isolated digital outlets, and balanced power. I've found the preferred outlet varied by preamp so you really have to try all of them and settle on what sounds best per a specific preamp.