What conditioner betters Audience original?

Having owned the original for 4/5 years I wonder if anyone has gone to the "T" version of the 12 outlet/(at nearly twice the price) or the top Halley/ or Power Cell/ or V-Ray---or something else??
System: Pioneer Elite 60 plasma/Audio Aero Prestige se straight to Rowland 312 balanced /
Wilson Sophia 2's/ all Tara Labs 08 cabling.
Hi George,

Have the original Audience 12 and replaced it with the new PS Audio power Station...LARGE IMPROVEMENT!

Audience 12 now in control of my home theatre system where, it too, does a wonderful job...Good luck!

I had the original Audience...very good machine but then I heard the Sound Application "reference" unit... in another league IMO.
While the original Audience was good..the "T' version is better...However its way overpriced,imo.I sold it after I
heard a Bybee Power Purifier put it to shame for half as much.