What components would you take to a desert island?

Scenario: You decided to live on isolated island (with solar power) to avoid the Bird Flu. You sold your stocks and mansion and can buy any components in the world, that you feel you would be happy with. You go on a buying spree BUT can only take ONE make and model of each of the following 1)Turntable 2)Tonearm 3)Cartridge 4)Phono preamp(mc) 5)Line-preamp 6) Power amp(amps) 7)Speaker system 8)CD player 9)Dac 10)Cables 11)Tuner. You bring along 100,000 records and CDs. You will have 10 spares of each component for replacement if broken. Your yaught is ready now and time to load your selection. WHAT HAVE YOU CHOSEN? I have chosen Rockport Sirius 111 with ZYX Universe, Boulder Preamps and Boulder amps and a pair of Altec Lansings Largest speakers model A1.
What a stupid question. My god man, go put on some music.
I say Natalie Portman and no equipment, unless I can have Nicole Kidman too.

If I have both, I can trade the disagreeable one for ALL YOUR STUFF after about three weeks and still be set for life.
I'll go with the Teres Model 360, a Schroeder reference tonearm, and ZYX UNIverse cartridge. I'll go with the Aesthetix Callisto and Io Signature versions w/ dual power supplies. Lamm ML 2.1 monoblocks amplifiers. Von Schweikert VR-11SE speakers. I'd save money on digital and just get the new dCS P8i CD/SACD player. Purist Audio Dominus cables and a Day Sequerra Broadcast Standard tuner.

That should help 'tide' me over for a while.
Uh John? Didn't you forget something? VERY LARGE rechargeable solar pak?!
Ummm.....yeah....I guess I'd look pretty stupid with all of that gear and no power......

Albert, what if they're both disagreeable? I'd be afraid of being stuck, and having to listen to her screaching "We're never gonna get off of this f**king island! It's all your fault, putting your yacht on cruise control! Don't just lay there, do something! Build a fire! Build a raft! Signal for help!"

Ahh...the horror.....the horror.......the horror............the horror...............................

I've been trying to figure out for years what a desert island is. Is it an island in the desert?
A vertical Steinway piano,and a set of tuning and regluation tools,and replacement parts,though Albert Porter has a point about companionship.
I think it's shorthand for a deserted island. I just hope it's not in the path of migratory birds.
My god,The "Yatch" would then be the size of an island!
Albert, NICE answer.

However Jmcgrogan2 brings up a very good point as well.

I think the best answer would be natalie portman with a mute button. How perfect would that be?

As for audio gear, something that requires no power and can stand up to a monsoon. ROFL

And a vollyball with a blood stain called wilson.
Enough, people!
Slappy welcome back.LOL
None, I would have survival on my mind and that's about it! In a pinch, I reckon everything would have to be battery operated: not much choice there I would say!
Agree with Slappy, maybe all you need is a bloody volleyball to talk to.
Besides, a salty, humid atmosphere would wreak havoc on electronics !!
W---I---L---S---O---N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I took a $400,000 system to an isolated Indonesian Island to avoid the IRS . The set worked great until the salty humid air rotted the rubber belt on the Walker Proscenium (I should have taken an idler drive), the Altec speaker cones got fungus/dry rot(I should have lacquered them) and the output transistors on the Boulder amps shorted (I should have taken my Harmon Kardon Push Pull 6l6 amp). The lp's warped from the heat. But the RCA 1917 wind up Victrola KEPT ON GOING the 78's did not warp and I had an endless supply of NEW UNUSED cactus needles.
mint 604, best response yet !!i knew id find class a humor in these posts sooner or later. good stuff!!!!
kondo, kondo, kondo!
If I was on a desert Island I would be too worried about getting back to a life to listen to music, even if I did want too.......how do you get power?
Say it three times loud, Aroc, and you're sure to be rescued!
ok this is easy. first, i would take all my stuff (laptop, manga, art stuff, internet, television, DDR, stuff for cooking, cd player, etc. etc.)

then, i would take a miniature tidal power-generating station to solve all my battery problems =D