What components might I check into that have a small foot print?

I am trying to set up a second system in some cube type shelving that is only 13 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The hardest thing to accommodate is a CD player. My Fisher tube mono's will fit, and, the Cary SLP 90 preamp will also. Any other suggestions? Also, what if I (god forbid) decided to go solid state so that the system would be user friendly for others. What might I look for? Thank you in advance for any ideas.
Well Markto, no need to apologize for getting off topic. you have given me great insight on a subject that is also currently on my mind. It cant get any easier than Crutchfield too. Thank you so much
Harv, I am 63 also.  No wife or kids either.  I never had internet until I retired in November of last year.  I added it through my cable tv provider.  I started with an iPad which has been easy to learn and mostly fun to play around with.
 I also never had a cellphone until nine months ago.  Leased an iPhone from Verizon.  The phone mirrors the iPad so it’s easy to use.

 I drive a 48 year old BMW and a 19 year old Toyota truck so I’m obviously not a techie.  No love for or interest in computers or in the myriad things they do or not.  The programs and acronyms are beyond confusing.

Now, I have used computers in my business and specialized diagnostic equipment used in repairing late model BMW’s with their complex operating system which gives me some prior experience.  It also instilled a disdain for the complexity of all the interconnected computer modules.

The purchase of a summer home presented the dilemma of how to take my music collection with me.  The answer was the Bluesound Vault 2.  It is not a geeky computer setup.  It is very well thought out so that a non computer type person will find it intuitive to operate.  I love the interface with it and the expansion of musical enjoyment.

So Harv, if someone like me can make it work, so can you.  You will be thrilled and amazed.  Internet is available everywhere.

Yes, all those acronyms. All those choices. Its almost impossible to sort out. OK, another vote for the vault. You have me beat, My Fiat 124 Sport Coupe and Spider are only 43 and 40 years old.