What components might I check into that have a small foot print?

I am trying to set up a second system in some cube type shelving that is only 13 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. The hardest thing to accommodate is a CD player. My Fisher tube mono's will fit, and, the Cary SLP 90 preamp will also. Any other suggestions? Also, what if I (god forbid) decided to go solid state so that the system would be user friendly for others. What might I look for? Thank you in advance for any ideas.
Schiit, Peachtree, Cyrus Audio, Wyred 4 Sound, and a couple of offerings from PS Audio
Thank you all for your suggestions. I know I will have to (and really do want to) embrace digital streaming, but just not ready yet. 63 now and no kids in the house to help me through it. The calculator had not even been invented yet when I went through school. Sure, I can use the computer, but not so digitally inclined. Very satisfied with a really, really good analog set up and dinosaur CD's for now. No internet access in this property yet either. I had forgotten about McCormack's micro line. Nagra probably too pricey, Did not know the Rega player was so small, good idea. Also, I think now I do remember PS offering some smaller chassis units..I will check out most of your suggestions and see where it leads me. I am picky, so, if I go solid state, it better be very, very good. Reason I am even considering SS is that there will be times when visiting family will be using the house on their own.
If you have a robust cd collection, no extreme need to embrace streaming for digital.  Of course cds and streaming don’t affect your analogue ambitions at all. 

if you do move in the direction of streaming, be sure to choose a hardware/software approach with the best and simplest user experience available.  The blue Sound vault may be a contender.  I haven’t used one personally but I have heard good things. You start by popping in a cd just like a CD player.  It copies it to its internal storage, you do this for your entire collection, and you then access your digital music with a smartphone or tablet.  You can keep your cds forever in boxes, or get rid of them at some point. 

If you master this, and start with streaming your own collection, the next logical step will be to experiment with accessing non-cd digital music from the same piece of gear. Baby steps :-)

i belive crutchfield sells this piece and offers a 60 day return, gives you two months to experiment to see if you like it! 

the blue Sound vault has a dac built in, but also has a digital output to connect a better DAC of your choosing. It also has a small footprint. If any of this is mildly intriguing, give crutchfield a call and talk to someone who knows bluesound well to get the skinning.

i know I veered off from the original point of this post, but when I see someone reluctant about technology I tend to look for a solution. No need to shy away, it an be easy if done smartly, and I think bluesound has a good approach.

oh, last but not least, bluesound makes little self amplified speakers that you can put in other rooms away from your hifi setup. This means you can access your digital music on the patio or in the bedroom, or elsewhere. It’s really cool.

good luck!
Well Markto, no need to apologize for getting off topic. you have given me great insight on a subject that is also currently on my mind. It cant get any easier than Crutchfield too. Thank you so much