What component to plug into my power conditioner?

I am getting my third Ensemble Isolink power isolating/conditioning device and can't decide which of my remaining three source components to plug into it. Currently I use an Isolink on my BAT preamp and my Linn 2.1 Unidisk. For the third Isolink, should I plug my DAC into it (Electrocompanient ECD-1), or my Linn Lingo or Linto? Of the two Linn pieces, which would most benefit from the Isolink, the Lingo or the Linto? I think I read somewhere that the Lingo doesn't even benefit from an upgraded power cord, so the Isolink might not be at all necessary for the Lingo.
I would guess that the DAC might benefit most (as well as other components, IF the DAC is now on the same device as some of your analog components. Most digital products are reported to inject a noise back into the circuit they are plugged in to.