What component should be on a walnut board?

I'm curious to see if I can get a concensus on this question. I have 3 components (Arcam FMJ23T cd, Audible Illusions preamp, and a SOTA Sapphire TT) and only 2 walnut cutting boards. What two components would benefit most by sitting on the cutting boards? I have the components currently sitting on Audio Points (from Star Sound) on shelves made of pressed wood. I intend to put the cutting boards under the audio points supporting the component.
The pre-amp because everything goes thru that..and then which ever source you use the most. Have you first compared the sound of one single walnut board replacing one single pressed wood board? Change only one thing at a time. A shotgun maybe a blast but its not a precise knockout for any single target. Tom
Walnut cutting boards (planks, lumber, etc) can't be so expensive that you could not afford a third one at any time.
I think the CD player because it has moveable parts is probably more in need of vibration control than the other components. You only have 3 components and 2 platforms, so just play musical components until you find the combination that impresses you the most.
The SOTA should not need a separate platform since it is a suspended and isolated design. This would be the last piece I would test.
You should experiment, because these things can not be predicted accurately, and the different results can be extreme. For example, I found that putting cones under an amp, with their bases on a cutting board (similar to your plan), sounded much worse than putting the cones under the cutting board, with tube amp (with "rubber" feet)sitting on the acrylic cutting board.
The other possible answer is "none of them".
Just as I thought, no concensus!
A nice loaf of fresh baked bread.
A vacuum tube nutcracker.