What component have you changed out the most?

Which component in your two channel system have you repaced the most? Sice I started this hobby (16 years ago), I have gone through more digital sources than any other component. A close 2nd would be amplifiers.

If cables are ruled out as a component, then my most changed component is the digital source as well. Amplifier would be my second choice, but not a close second

Hmm, forgot about cables.... I think I still have had more digital sources than any types of cables.

Digital Source - four to one. But not anymore. The
Electrocompaniet CDP is THE ONE.
Amps over CDP, 5 to 3 in the last 3 years. Cables, 30+
Actually I've stopped changing digital gear as well, not because my Classe CDP-1 is THE ONE though. It's very nice for digital playback, but I've realized that analogue is THE ONE. Neither my Classe or my Sony SACD sound as good as my inexpensive analog rig. I'll probably start concentrating on upgrading the analogue components now. I still listen to cd's, but only when I'm too lazy or busy to clean and setup an LP.
Ignoring cables, which are by far and away the winner here, digital sources followed by amps. Interestingly, no real changes in the amp since 1990 and with the digital sources since 1994 (have done updates and mods to existing pieces, though, to scratch the upgrade itch).
After cables, the preamp. I've had eleven preamps in and out in the last three years. More a case of buying used to demo in comparison to the one in place. The loser was then sold
I'm with Sugarbrie, I have had three pre-amps in the last year. I have been fortunate to have replaced the old with something better each time. It must be some kind of foolish obsession because I still check for pre-amps first even though I really need a new amp. Is there a twelve step program for this?!?
oh - did I mention cables
Cables. probably gone thru 5 sets of cables, at least. as for the rest, I've changed digital front ends, preamp/amp, and speakers three times each so far. So those are about even. I've also gone thru three listening rooms/areas. Three listening chairs too. Three audio racks. Three seems to be my lucky number right now. ;-)

Ask me in about six months, and I'll probably say "tubes." Just got a valve pre and power amp. "All right partner.. You know what time it is.. Keep on rolling.." -Fred Durst. Yeah I'm definitely showing my age. 24.
Power amps, then cables.
I remember back in the mid 80's Digital was the advertised as the perfect sound right. It's interesting how many people converted to digital at that time are now comming back to Analog. The fact that people with digital have changed there front end so much tells how wrong that mid 80's statement is. For me none of the above except cables. I ocasionally change a amp or preamp but classic quality components dont go out of style and some of the best equipment is not necessarly current production although there is some nice stuff out there now. I find that people that change ther system less are the most satisfied and those that change the most are seeking something that most likely will never be found.
CDs.From American(except audiophile ones)to Europian or Canadian to Japanese.Then cables,of course.
Speakers. 1976-ESS Tempest
1979-Infinity Qa's
1982- Dahlquist Model 7
1988- Paradigm 3se mini's
1991- B&W 520s (These really sucked, woofers rubbed against baffle)
1994- Paradigm 7se Mk 3
2000- Paradigm Reference Studio 60v2