What Component Am I Missing?

System setup: Naim NDX Streamer v.1 w/XPS, Mcintosh Preamp C2500, Furmans Elite P20i power conditioner, MC501’s, and Lawrence Audio speakers.

I listen to streaming music in bypass mode (C2500) because i like how the music and instruments is upfront and forward, almost like a Class A amp., but lately the music’s sounding a little flat so I experimented a little by connecting Bose 901 VI equalizer :) through the preamps processor loop (w/bypass mode still on), and the sound was sweet, musical, and spacial, but the highs was way too tingy for my ears. Hearing that my system can sound better, what component am i missing? The DAC is from Naim’s streamer!


Get a transport and CDs - preferably first issue! You are at the mercy of the streaming providers - no way to verify the provenance of the recordings!

Ditch the furman it is killing your system

The problem with ditching the fur man is i don't have enough wall sockets on stereo side of room, meaning I'll have to use extension cords, so what is worse?

Get an isotek far better 

Audioquest Niagara

Are you in an apartment?

If is is your home run dedicated lines to your listening room. The Furman is not killing your system, just plug you amp into the wall. I ran 4 seperate dedicated 20 amp lines to my listening room. I have a Furman for plugging in DAC, TT, Streamer, CD into. 

You must be kidding.  If you’re inserting a Bose equalizer in your system and it in any way sounds better, you’re WAY OFF in your system and you need to explore other components.  Go listen to some better gear.  This is just offensive from an audiophile perspective. 

You have a great system.  The weak links IMO are the Furman and NDX v1.  Furman is good, not elite.  The DAC streamer is a little old so that will eventually need to be replaced. 

For Power, I would look at the Inakustik AC 3500P.  It is very airy and open and one I highly recommend.  With the recommended Power Cord it is like $7K but it is excellent.  At a lower price, I find Puritan PSM 156 is airy and open and is $3300 with better power cord.  Just not quite as good as the Inakustik. 

For DACs, the Naim is nice but I feel is sort of a weak link compared to the rest of your equipment which is higher end.  You could certainly look at the NDX2 which is MUCH better with the external power supply. The NDX 2 is $7K I think and the power supply is $6K.  

Alternatively, you could look at some DAC server combos.  Bricasti or Weiss with with a separate server would likely deliver a big boost to perforamance.  They are both pro companies that happen to make consumer products and that show up in the sound. 


Something like an M1 SE  with Network card ($11K) or Weiss 501 ($9K) and Antipodes S40 ($5K) or K40($9K) would be  pricier but would deliver a big, open stereo image.  These would be more in-line with the balance of your system in terms of quality.  

In fairness, I am a dealer for all of these proucts so I am biased but I am far from the only person you can buy them from so there is that.