What componemns sound best with GMA Callistos

I know have the placing of my Callistos down fairly well & was even able to get some decent bass from them using audiophile disks of which I have many favorites. Also, the better recorded disks like Chris Rea's "The Road to Hell" & Dire Straits "On every Street" to name a few seem to produce decent bass without the sub although just a tad of sub under 50 Hz helps quite a bit. Roy would like me to try the Tempest II with radio shack quality copper cable from the speakers outputs to the speaker inputs of the sub amp. He claims you can by ear get a better balance without the woolyness created by the impedance mismatch between the amp line outputs & the same line inputs on the sub.

I am using my Portal Panache now but may hook up the Rogue Audio Tempest II tomorrow.

I am very curious rgarding the components you folks using for front ends cables, cords IC & amps etc.?


I am using the VD Genesis cables and they are out of this world. I think that the vd cables offer a major value to performance ratio and make my Calypso's totally disappear and give insane dynamics. There are a lot of used cables and that offers a chance to try them at a reasonable price, Hope this helps and do enjoy the speakers cheers Dennis
Thanks Dennis...Most of that equipment is way beyond my budget. That is none-the-less a very impressive system & I can see why it 'disappears". What type of acoustical treatments do I see behind your speakers? Also I would be interested if anyone has compared the VD David to the more expensive VD cables. I have also heard DH Labs sounds quite good with the Callistos. I think my main priority right now is to tame my room .All the expensive equipment in the world is not going to sound good in a racquetball court if you will pardon my hyperbole. Even with my limited GMA system I have heard things like the second voice on one of Willie Nelson's CDs to name one that really startled me.

As I said before about the CallistosÂ….I think I have a fine instrument here, I just need to tune it properly.