What compares to the AudioEngine A5

I am looking for something similar to what the audioengine A5 offers for bigger sound than TV speakers can provide, but don't want a massive system with 7 channels. Just looking for bigger, cleaner sound. Audioengine is the only product I've found that fits this bill, but was hoping there were more options. Thanks in advance.
john blu jb3 speakers www.audiomagus.com
Swan M200 Mark II or original version. Can be found at: www.theaudioinsider.com. Best computer speakers on the planet. This is a High end product and dont be fooled. It also can be used for any audio source with RCAs out as set top cable tv box, cd player, dvd player or a TV. I have a pair hooked up to my small bedroom system. Sounds fantastic, clean with power. Has the amp, preamp and speaker into one. This is all you need and hook it up right to TV without having a lot of audio boxes laying around. Another option is go with a soundbar.
I'm using M=Audio AV40's which are smaller than AudioEngine 5. Using them at my computer desk, on Black Diamond Racing points to avoid bass resonance. Sound great and only $132 shipped on Amazon.com.

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If it's just for TV and/or casual music listening, you might want to look at one of the offerings from ZVOX. Go to their website and see if it meets your needs.



For the money A-5's are a great value. A (significant) step up would be the Quad 12L's actives. However, these are two to three times the price (used). With the Quads you also have to spend on long RCA cables, since you need to provide each speaker with its own line level signal. In all fairness, the Quads are on a different league, both in sound and appearance. Just my $.02 since I have a pair of both.
ERA 4s (a small speaker with a big sound) or Gallo TI s.