What comes after Jean-Marie Reynaud?

I have Jean-Marie Reynaud Evolution 3 speakers.
I loved them for 2 years, and now I really like them most of the time.
I listen to music 5-8 hours a day, and as I hear more, and as my sensitivity develops - I want something a bit more resolving.
The Evo's are on the warm, soft, immediate, emotional, seductive side of the ledger.
Everything sounds good. But sometimes I feel it is too "nice".
I want tighter bass, more extension up top, more detail in the mids - without becoming, cool, mechanical, analytical.

I listen only to acoustic music: folk, light jazz, World music, small ensembles and Jordi Savall's brand of ancient Spanish classical/folk.

90% of my CD's are female vocal. I do not like orchestral music, electronica or rock.

My budget is up to about $8,000 maybe $10,000.

I have not liked B&W, Thiel or Gallo or Dynaudio - they have all seemed cool or lacked immediacy, presence, emotion.

I'd appreciate anyone's ideas

Srajan Ebaen just posted a review at 6moons.com of an new offering by Zu Cable. The price is $9,000 and it looks quite promising.

Zu Cable Definition Review
take a look at the fab 1
This may interest you
Jean Marie always comes first. But he has been laying off the Viagra and has this special cream and well.....
You need to check out Merlins. I have the JMR evo 3's and the merlins are the perfect antidote.
I agree with the Merlins, a speaker that can grow with your system. I don't believe there is a better 2-way out there and if so I haven't heard it. Resolving, extended smooth highs, well defined bass and a soundstage that will tell you plenty about the caliper of your upstream components. I've owned mine for 5 years and am going to order the MX in the next few months. No hype just music.
Try Penaudio Serenades or Silverline Sonatas
Merlins are a great choice as stated above,good luck,Bob
"What comes after Jean-Marie Reynaud?"

I checked the phone book for the answer to your question:

1.) Jean Marie Renaux
2.) Jean Marie Senlatien
3.) Jean Marie Taluiese

Hope this helps.
Salk Sound Veracity HT3's.

You can read my review here to get an idea why.

Merlin VSMs with a Joule amp.