What comes after an Audio Aero Prima integrated ?

I have had this wonderful amp for a year and really do enjoy it . But, the dreaded "upgrade bug" has bitten and I would like to find something that is better in all of the areas that the Prima does so well . I don't have a lot of experience with other pieces and I am not able to go out and listen in the retail market .
I have Soliloquy 6.2i speakers and a Granite 657 CDP . I seem to enjoy detail, extension, dynamics and good ole musicality with my classic rock and contemporary blues music . I hate etched highs and one note base ! My listening room is small so I listen in the near field at lower volume levels than the rock music gender would suggest . A listening session usually lasts for 5-6 hours at a time on a daily basis .
I would like to hear from past owners of the Prima who have made a successful jump to something better .
Thank You
That is a good question.There is a thread going on right now" IS THERE ANY TRULY HIGH END INTEGRATED AMPS".
My experience with the Prima is you should let your ears do the talking. A great piece and you may spend a lot of cash to out-do it.Depends on your available cash.You can get better performance out of her with isolation,cables and the like.You can also get on an endless cycle upgrading,something like myself.
Have fun and don't jump in feet first,take your time.
keep your audio aero.
Thanks PeterD, that is kind of what I was thinking too . Hense the thread .
Any suggestions on a P/C ?
I have tried a M.Wolffe Source P/C on my Prima CDP and it, coupled with Z Squared I/C's, did make a nice improvement .
I was told by another member, that had the Prima Integrated , that a P/C change did not help . Have you found different results ?

Anyone else have any experience with this integrated ?
Power cords and ic's can be a daunting task to evaluate.
I have had too damm many.Lots of the popular ones.So many I can't remember which ones.
Anyways I am using now 'Nirvana' power cables and 'Nirvana'
S-X ic's.
Seems the internals are wired with Nirvana.
Have used similarly priced cords but none have worked as well in my system.Also a 'Foundation Research' cord-conditioner combo in one worked very well also.
Thank you People ; I think that I will look for an antibiotic to get rid of this 'bug' !

I just got my AA Prima MKii. My jump was huge, I had a Sony all-in-one from the 90´s before it so..... I would like to share some opinions and made some questions.
Opinions: since my equipment is starting to become something, I took my MKII to a friend's house to try it with his Triangle Naia speakers. Awsome!! Very nice performance considering it's price and its suposedly 40W. Sound very good, with that tube's touch. Although loudness is not my intention we tried to stress it out and it behaves pretty good.
- Any recomendations in speakers for it? I want monitors. Budget = U$1000
- Have you ever played changing the tubes?
- Instead of a P/C wouldn't it be better a voltage stabilizer?


Yes , it is a very nice integrated amp . I really enjoyed my time with it . It's just that stupid upgraditis bug !LOL

As for speakers : I never tried any monitors with it but the Soliloquy 6.2i's that I did use were quite nice with it . I used these in a small room for nearfield listening . I am using Reference 3A De Capo i's right now and really like them . They are a monitor with no crossovers at a higher price point . I have found that , although not being produced anymore , the Soliloquy's are like the Prima integrated , very good value ! What is the reason for the monitor decision ?

I did not try any other tubes with the Prima .

I have dedicated circuits for my audio equipment and have not tried any filters or the like . The P/C did make an audible difference though !
Why monitors?

I guess is a combination of taste (I don´t like towers), risk of damage the speaker = 2 young kids, at least monitors will be on stands and, in someway, shipping price. I live in Chile so it's very likely that I'll need to import the speakers because there's none of the ones I want in Chile.

I'll go for a Voltage Stabilizer soon (I hope)

My bust ; the P/C reference above was for the Prima CDP . NOT the Prima integrated amp ! Apoligies to all whom I have led astray with my souring grey matter !

I can understand the shipping thing for your location . But
keep in mind that if you buy speaker stands they are heavy . Usually equal to or greater than the speakers themselves !

Good luck .
Yeah, but I can get stands here. Pretty good ones.
Regarding CD Player my Trichord Revelation arrived and again it was a huge step from my....discman!!!
I guess pretty good for the money. I hope i can compare it to CD players in it's price line.

I'll share my experience with that.