What class of amplifier has the most high definition sound ?

For those experienced audiophiles, wich know all kinds of amps, may say what class of amp is better defined in therms of PURE SOUND?
Of course the sistems are compatibles for comparisons.

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Ear 868 preamp,Ear 509 power or 890,.
Audio Note M5 and GamuT D 200i
Integrated: Gryphon Diablo 300, Isoteric 03/05.
Wrong question. It is related to results but does nor answer your question.
Operating class is not a value graduation, while applicable to RF amps not so directly with audio. All low level stages are operating in class A, i.e. full current, they only need to amplify voltage with no demamds for power. Only the output stage adds current to the formula. Here the biasing class determines the zero signal current of the output stage. Biasing needs to overcome device non-linearities at lower idle current. More current is more heat and power wasted, less for output. Heat loads increase adding demands for heat sinks and bigger power supplies.
So there are tradeoffs. 5W class A or 15W class AB?  Class D is not a biasing class, just a diffent amp architecture. Output stage is like switch mode powersupply, either fully on or off. The magic happens at the input where the switching levels are determined. Anything other than pure DC in the power supply will end up in the output just like any other amp class. 
Focusing on bias class is a waste of time. Find a good pairing with your speaker is more important. Difficult speakers will reduce the choice of amplifiers. Shun those 85dB speakers.
Good dynamics means high efficiency with budget in mind.  
Georgehifi: Best, least coloured, fastest, cleanest, most dynamic a Class-A OTL tube amp, trouble is the speakers they love to drive are the "polar opposite" if full range 20hz-20khz.

+1 for the first part of that sentence.

I love my Atma-sphere MA1 amps. Clean OTL class A. I had the marvellous Krell FPB600 but have not looked back (much).

Speakers? You can get them. OTL amps can play the full frequency scale ok if the speakers are matched. And if the speakers aren't tuned to the amp, you can forget most of the discussion about amp quality, class A B or what.

For OTL you need easy to drive speakers, 8 ohm is marginal, speakers should be 12 ohm or more, OTL loves 16 ohm speakers with 90+ sensititvity. If not, your money on the OTL amps are wasted, you will get good but not excellent sound. 

I bought Audiokinesis Dream Maker speakers, and have been very happy with this combination.
What class of amplifier has the most high definition sound? 

The one that you want, but don't own. ;) 

Having built all manner of audio systems I assure you that the caliber of the system build has as much influence upon performance as the amp (or class of amp) itself.