What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load

Just asking.

I see specs into 4 ohms but nothing into difficult speaker loads (like Thiel CS5's).

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The CS5 is a very old design using not the latest drivers, caps, resistors, wire, etc. etc.  Any of the speakers I mentioned would kill it.   Comparing an outdated old speaker to newer speakers is ignorant. Check out the reviews on the Ulfberht......one guy thought it was better than his big Wilsons.....and these are $9000 delivered and 98 db sensitive.  No big current doubling into 2 ohm amps needed.  Sorry, low impedance speakers are silly....even the latest most expensive ones....simply silly.  When you can get moderately priced super transparent and easy to drive speakers under $10K.....these giant current hogging speakers are like an old model T.   May they rest in peace.

I am not saying the latest Wilsons, etc. do not sound good.  Its just that you have to be super rich to buy them and buy a super expensive high current amp to drive them (Parasound JC-1s are not even in the running for transparency in the $2K range today, however, they do make a fine bass amp) .  Save your money.  Give the money saved to those that need it.  Do you think it makes "sense" to spend lots of money on super expensive current hogging speakers and super expensive current producing amps when you can get as good or better sound with way less expensive high sensitivity speakers and reasonably priced amps?  Maybe you have a different "sense" than me.

The reason you are putting **** on this type of speaker, is that class-d won't drive them to their maximum sound quality. These types of speakers are engineered to be far closer to having ideal test mearsurements and sound perfection than easy to drive speakers, that are far more comprimised. 
I just could not resist - sorry - My Thiels were $2,600 delivered about two years ago, so I think it is just silly to pay any more for speakers🙂! 

I have tried tried Class D amps from W4S and Audio Research with Maggie 3.6's, Thiel CS 3.6's, and Thiel CS5's in my listening room. In every case, they could not get the job done. I have looked at Nord but they do not double down into 2 ohms so I suspect they could sound lean as well.

Class D is attractive because of all the good reasons but still evolving, I guess. And maybe, at least for now, driving 2 ohm loads is not important to class D amp manufacturers.

Perhaps I will ask the question again in another couple years!

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@ricevs  - "I know someone using the Icepower IceEdge modules on his Thiel CS3.7's and he can blast it all he wants."

CS3.7 impedance has been measured at 2.4 - 2.8 ohms through most of the frequency range by Stereophile.

Icepower 1200AS1/2 has an minimum impedance of 2.7ohms.

I doubt very much the person you know using the $300 Icepower modules is getting anywhere near full potential on his speakers.

Back in the day (before internet sales), any experienced audio dealer wouldn't have sold an amp so badly unrated for this type of speaker. There's a reason both online reviews I've read suggest serious amps are required because these speakers are 'Pigs'.

I wouldn't be selling these modules to anyone using speakers with anything less than 4 ohms minimum.

Why do loudspeaker manufacturer's make ultra low impedance loudspeakers in the first place. lots of great speakers out there with easier loads to drive, many as good as, or better than Thiel. IMO.