What Chores do Audiophiles Hate?

I thought about this yesterday as I was cutting the grass in a drizzel with doggy doo-doo everywhere. So, for me, it's yard work and picking up dog s..t.
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Cleaning records.
Taking out the trash and making up the bed.
cleaning contacts/connections and tube pins...and most everything my wife asks me to do :)
Audiophile related chores?

1. taking apart my system when it's necessary for household related projects

2. adding new gear or cables to the system and then waiting for for them to break in or used equipment waiting for it to settle in

3. buying, selling and moving heavy speakers that require pallets or big boxes; also moving heavy amplifiers

Non-Audiophile related chores:

1. raking and bagging leaves

2. cleaning the aquarium

3. cutting the grass in hot weather

There are more but that's enough
Burning the cd's and dvd-audios to the music server. Pain in the *** the first and hopefully last time.

Printing a copy of music and video collection quarterly for insurance purposes.
Yes, cleaning records and everything else associated with vinyl. I like tape, I hate vinyl.
I hate work
Hate: washing clothes, washing bedding, cooking, cleaning, picking up, vacuuming, washing dishes.
Any activity that is not totally voluntary!
I hate any chore that does not involve spending fun money, or listening to music, or driving really, really fast.
(last ticket was for 32 over the limit... Yikes! lucky for me i was just starting to accelerate.. if that sheriff was a quarter mile further down the road, i would have gotten a ticket for doing 130 in a 55 zone.)
So you can see I am super lazy and need at least TWO maids.
Wish I was wealthier!
Then I could afford more lawyers for tickets.. and own a really fast car! (I almost bought a Suzuli Hyabusa motorcycle, just to go 200mph... but figured if i fell off at even, say 170mph.. it would really hurt.)
I used to work when I had to work. Now, forget it!
My biggest problem is to be able to NOT get fat, and get enough exercise that I can actually be healthy enough to move my fat arse around without getting out of breath, or climb a couple of flights of stairs!
Everything else is pretty much a piece of cake.
mounting a new air conditioner into my out dated bent old rusty apt sleeve..no matter how I mount it, angle it, slant it and shim it up ...it will leak akl over the damn place,..just good that we only have a few months of summer on the east coast...
Don't mind cutting grass but all other yard work is a chore. I'm talking about raking leaves, cleaning the landscaped areas, weed-whacking and general clean-up. In fact tomorrow is that day for this fall. If the weather cooperates I'll be at it tomorrow as we prepare for Thanksgiving..
I would rather mow, trim, blow and bag my yard than fill out a warranty card or some other form.
Selling my mint Totem 1s was tough, but I visit them regularly so its not so bad.
Cleaning the oven.
Vacuuming. What an annoying sound!
Tabl10s.. Great thread.

Household related chores: folding laundry, yard work, handwashing dishes, emptying and putting away the pool, winterizing.

Audio related chores: speaker wire break in, amplifier break in, cleaning of the interior amps with fans that suck air into it (Hafler DH-500), dusting my gear.
I hate filing albums and cd's, sure enough you have no room for an "A" title then you got shift every damn shelf down a few spaces to fit your new music. It can take a long time.
Mowing and housework dont bother me, I like a nice clean home and a good looking yard, I just plop on my Ipod and run the tractor up and down for about 3 hours, get some sun, fresh air and some music all at once!
I do hate shaving and haircuts, and shoping for food or clothes....................love album hubts, go figure.
I hate when I have to sell a cherished equipment after buying a new equipment, in order to control cost, and especially given the emotional value that equipment has built up with me...:-( Also, not to mention the arduous task of moving very heavy speakers and amplifiers, which can sprain one's back if not careful!
House cleaning, from dusting to A to toilets. I really need to help out more around the room. Audio related love it.
Anything I have to do.Not what I want to do.
Negotiating on Audiogon, not my best forte!
Completed chores=well deserved listening & ale.
Paying bills, paying interest, or paying attention. I have other priorities.
hanging up christmas lights outdoors
Cleaning out the rat's nest of cables behind the rack.
Audiophile chores hated: Cleaning records; TT adjustments; speaker placement; cable swapping.

Non-audiophile chores hated: Draining pet abscesses; yard work of any kind; drinking domestic beer when the host has nothing but; xmas shopping; second, as mentioned hanging outside xmas lights; listening to my drunken brother over the phone reminisce when I could be listening to music.
Filling my wife's car with gas. Filling my own car with gas.
Chores? that IS a woman's job.
Enjoyment, now THAT is a mans chore!
Flossing the pet alligators.
Oh Bill you devil lol
I thought you hated cooking bacon naked.yikes ~!
while an innocuous question per se, where does it end ?

at what point do questions become so trivial that they are not asked ?

isn't it a sign of maturity that one does not express all that one is thinking ?

if one wants to consider non audio topics, there are many which are more important.

i won't mention them, but they are both political and economic .
All in the name of fun as I'm sure we'd ALL rather listen than work. Here's one chore that I detested a few years ago. I had a rabbit named "Jack". The Wife had a rabbit that was supposed to be male until it delivered nine pups.

The Wife noticed that she wouldn't nurse the babies, so every day we'd have to refrigerate puppy milk, thaw it to room temp,
feed them while making sure it doesn't come out their nose and clean them too. This took place every 45 minutes 24 hours a day until they all died off.

Scraping rabbit dung out of the grass and having to move the cage (rabbit urine burns the grass)was no picnic either.
Doggy doo? Ha! I fart in your general direction. Try horse manure. Now these suckers can really DO the DOO! And for all of you twits who play that stupid farm game on facebook, come by my place for a week and I'll give you enough farmin' to last you a lifetime.
Here's one. Years ago I had a really bad boss. He happened to live within a block of the 4th of July parade-route. While walking the route, there was one section were no one was standing. The reason was because an ELEPHANT CRAPPED in the road. Brainstorm! I went back to my truck were I had a snow shovel, which was used at the time for picking up sawdust (for tree work). Yup, I scooped up that turd, (the size of a soccer ball) it ended up on my boss's front door stoop. That was one chore I enjoyed!! (me bad)
Removing compost from the composting toilet. Dislike the chore but it's somewhat rewarding to take care of your own s..t.
There is a job worse than clearing up the poop of three medium/large sized dogs daily, even clearing up horsey poopy doos.
Now, cleaning the sheath of a horse?, now that must be far far unimaginably worse than poop. I wish our horse was Jewish, at least that way I think it is just a little, but not a lot nicer to do. Its a woman's job, and thankfully she does it! ewwwwwwwwwwww.
If it were left to me to do, then pass the phone, what's the vets number?
Can't they lick themselves? I never knew such a thing had to be done.
1) cleaning records.

2) troubleshooting a problem when things do not sound right
Gawd - I always get the vet to do it when he does their annual check/shots. My fears about performing this task are:
1. Disgusting.
2. He might like it.
3. I might like it.
So best I just sit that one out and let a pro lend a hand.
The only chore I really hated was back in my youth. My dad was too cheap to pay for a hookup to the sewer so every year, the 'chore' would alternate between my brother and myself. The chore consisted of digging a 3' square hole about 4 feet deep whenever the lemon tree produced some really big, beautiful lemons. That was the signal that the septic tank was overfilling. The only upside were the neighbors who liked lemons. Maybe that's why I don't care for them.
As the old saying goes,......"when life's septic overfills, make lemonade"
Trying to dig a 3ft. deep hole in a yard FULL of rocks on a friggin hot day. And then another...and another... and

Another good reason to go to sea
Although my neighbors lined up for the lemons, I could never bring myself to drink that lemonade. Just the thought that I'd be recycling myself was a non-starter.
Milking my cowes!!
Vonhakemarine, I know..Old school reform school. You got a new shovel for christmas! I had the job of breaking big rocks into pebbles, new sledge for christmas.. "school of hard knocks"!! I fondly love those old days....