What cheap dacs are there with volume controls?

Hi there, i am looking for a dac for my bestfriend. He is going straight out of his PC for music but i want to be able to hook up his dvd player and need a volume.

Im thinking 500 would be my max used...


I recommend looking at the Maverick Audio TubeMagic DAC. With the upgraded tube your still talking under $250. I just completed a side by side comparison with it against the PS Audio Digilink III and they are shocking close sounding from their toslink / coax inputs.
I suspect the Cambridge Dacmagic and Pangea power supply are a fine sounding combination at that price but there is no volume control so if that's a deal breaker you'd have to look elsewhere.
I have two of the Citypulse Dacs.They are affordable,sound great,can be found used,and have high quality remote volume pots.
Sfar is right the CA Dacmagic does not have volume control so it won't fit Systembuilder's requirements. My mistake. It is a really nice sounding DAC though IMO with the Pangea P100 PS.
If you can spend $625-650 the Benchmark DAC1 will beat out the others mentioned here. I had the Beresford before I moved up to the Benchmark and I've also heard the Cambridge.