What changes would make 60v2's sign

Looking to make changes in system that would enhance and open up my Paradigm Reference 60v2's.
Music tastes are electric and acoustic blues, Ronny Earl, Terry Evans, SRV, Jimmy Thackery etc. to new country, lite Jazz, some classical and older rock (darkside of the moon etc). System is fairly old compared to whats out there today and the 60v2's plus servo 15 sub are the only changes that have taken place in say the last 8 to 10 years.
Components are:
NAD 7100x receiver
Sony C601ES CDP
Denon DR-M30HX Cassette
Dual 502 Turn table
Paradigm 60v2 speakers
Paradigm servo 15 sub
nothing fancy for I.C.'s & 12 gauge OFC speaker cable (8ft)

Any and all suggestions would be greatly apprecicated.
A nice integrated would really make a difference. Anthem products seem to do well with paradigm in my experience. The INT 2 is available usually for around 600-700 dollars. Depending on how much you want to spend, you could look at things like a levinson 383 or a Rowland Concentra II. I'm sure both of those would do the paradigms justice. Also, the cd player could be updated. I would think that even spending 500-600 on a cd player would make a huge difference. In that area you could look at the Rega Planet 2000, Music Hall CD 25, or maybe the Linn Mimik. Any of these upgrades should open up the paradigms. They are very detailed, so whatever you throw at them is what you're gonna hear. You have a great speaker, but it will sound even better with the correct equipment and cable choices.
take a look at the denon pma 2000ivr integrated amp for $1200. there is a guy selling the version 3 2000r on ebay for a little over $500. also go to usedcables.com to look for some tara labs quantum 2 with tfa return speaker cables.
for interconnects check out on ebay the guy for cableplex starting his cable bids at 0.99 cents.maybe the rotel 541i cd player or the entry level arcam. also on interconnects look at www.homegrownaudio.com
sorry it is the nad 541I
Try an integrated like the Musical Fidelity A3. About $850 at Upscale Audio. Best cd player for the money is Cambridge Audio 500 SE. For interconnects try harmonic tech; speaker cables try analysis plus.
I have a friend that's running a Jolida RC 1501 integrated with a pair of Reference 80 V-2's with a Sony ES changer, he's still thanking me, his system sounds great.
You might have tried this already but if not, try using cone-points under your speakers, cd player, and TT. Also, an outboard amp (if your receiver have pre-outs)will make your Ref. 60 open up. I saw an ad here in A'gon for a Threshold S500 series II(250w/ch class A-AB) for $1500 a while ago. I am not sure if it is still here but with this amp, your Paradigms will shine to your pleasure. For cables (speaker and ICs) try the DIY route if you want to save. There's a guy here (I believe "Subaruguru", his name is Ernie? if I am not mistaken) that sells DIY power cord kits at very reasonable price but with outstanding performance, maybe you can try that too.
As for DIYs, do a search for DIY kits on speaker cables and ICs here at Audiogon and I believe there are quite a few members here who can provide you with your needs. I hope this helps....
Yes, a better amp or go to separates.