What Center Speaker to use with EPOS ES11

I have a pair of EPOS ES11 speakers I have had since new ('91). I am upgrading to a video set-up, and plan to keep them as my front r/l speakers. I would appreciate suggestions on an appropriate center speaker to use with the EPOS units. I need something of comparable quality and sound "style" (I like the clean, tight sound of the ES11s). I would also welcome suggestions on the rear r/l speakers. I am leaning towards a REL Strata III as sub. Thanks in advance for any input.
The REL is a really nice sub for music. I'm not sure it will be capable of making the room shake for HT if that is what you're after. I use mine exclusively for music, as I don't have a HT setup. Epos has a new minimonitor ... I'm not sure if they sell it singly as a center.
A few years ago when I was using the EPOS 11 in a HT set-up, I spoke with Michael Creek (Creek Audio; EPOS speakers) and he said to try to purchase a used EPOS 11 and use it as a center speaker. EPOS now makes a center channel speaker , that is voiced to their new mini-monitors, ELS 3. It retails for $300. I have owned both the EPOS 11 and ELS 3 speakers ... they are not identical, but close enough in voicing ... you should be OK.

Regards, Rich